AsTech launches Vigilance, a $1 million guarantee for managed Qualys services

AsTech launches Vigilance, a $1 million guarantee for managed Qualys services
AsTech, an independent security consulting company, announced the release of AsTech Vigilance for Managed Qualys Services. This latest offering provides a $1 million guarantee for securing perimeter networks when a customer adds the AsTech Perimeter Security Guarantee to their AsTech Managed Qualys Service subscription. AsTech Vigilance for Managed Qualys Services is the industry’s first guarantee for implementing, configuring and managing Qualys to ensure all vulnerabilities it is capable of finding for perimeter assets are found and provided in a prioritized report.

“Throughout our 20 year history, no AsTech customer has ever experienced a data breach, and we back up that expertise and extensive experience with AsTech Vigilance for Managed Qualys Services,” said Greg Reber, CEO, AsTech. “Just like customers have experienced with our industry-leading Paragon Security Program, this is another service we are backing up with a guarantee against data breaches. This ensures that our customers receive both the best security implementations and programs in the business, as well as the assurance of a financial guarantee in the event they experience a data breach.”

“As data breaches continue to impact global businesses, boards of directors are now pursuing cyber insurance options to protect their companies,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO, Qualys. “This in turn requires that security metrics be established so the underwriters could easily audit them. Qualys’ cloud-based architecture and true platform approach makes this feasible, as underscored by AsTech’s Vigilance offering.”

The Qualys Cloud Platform gives customers a continuous, always-on assessment of their global security and compliance posture, with 2-second visibility across all global IT assets, wherever they reside. Not only does AsTech provide a high level of expertise with Qualys Cloud Apps, the organization is also the first to back up their services and expertise with a guarantee against data breach-related costs. AsTech Vigilance for Managed Qualys Services leverages AsTech experts who have more than twenty combined years of experience in implementing Qualys for companies of all sizes, from small enterprises to the largest Fortune 100 companies. AsTech’s Qualys experts manage every aspect of the Qualys subscription, and optimize it so customers receive the most return on investment (ROI). No other managed service provider offers customers that level of assurance, delivering true best-in-class implementation, configuration and management services of the Qualys Cloud Platform.

“Our broad experience managing the Qualys Cloud Platform helps organizations with limited security staff get the most out of their Qualys investment by optimizing vulnerability detections, and eliminating blind spots in an organization’s defenses which could be used by a cybercriminal to gain access to their network,” said Andrew McDonnell, president of AsTech. “AsTech’s Managed Qualys Services provide companies with the expertise and experience needed to maximize the visibility provided by the Qualys Cloud Platform. Adding AsTech Vigilance means you get the peace of mind of a $1 million guarantee against data breaches that happen from vulnerabilities undetected in your Internet-facing assets. Simply put, AsTech helps organizations become more secure by identifying and remediating more vulnerabilities, but also addresses the pain point of financial loss that happens if an organization experiences a data breach.”

AsTech offers a full suite of services related to application security, with a mission to support clients with proven best practices, processes, tools and key metrics into every phase of the Secure Software Development Lifecycle. The company will find security issues, prioritize and categorize risks to reflect the real-world threat that they represent and create an effective, executable remediation plan. AsTech is the only company providing source code security assessments confident enough in their diligence to offer an expanded warranty against breach-related costs. AsTech also provides M&A Tech and Security Due Diligence services which focus on providing material information about products and technologies, including security, to key stakeholders involved in M&A deal negotiation. Now, more organizations and investment advisors have access to qualified IT and cyber security experts that can help uncover hidden issues to more accurately guide valuations throughout M&A negotiations.
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