La Ceja chose Axis to achieve complete geographic coverage

La Ceja chose Axis to achieve complete geographic coverage
Mission La Ceja del Tambo is a city with an economy based on floriculture, agriculture, livestock and small industries. However, it is also situated between other cities where organized crime operates. For the city’s administration, one of the main priorities is to maintain control over its territory and ensure safety for citizens and visitors. In order to achieve this, it has included in its Development Plan – “La Ceja: A Better Quality of Life” – an innovative proposal for an electronic surveillance system that would protect the entire municipality.


The city invested in 40 AXIS Q6000-E network cameras, that provide a fixed 360-degree view, in combination with AXIS Q6055-E PTZ network cameras, to achieve continuous monitoring and a higher level of detail.

The project was carried out by Segurtronic, an Axis partner, having Intelligent Security Systems’ SecurOS platform as the VMS. Other Axis camera models were also included, all with Full HD resolution and a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.


With the implementation of this project, La Ceja has become the first municipality in the Antioquia Department of Colombia to adopt AXIS Q6000-E technology. The project will be complemented in the future by a coverage extension utilizing another 20 AXIS Q6000-E and 20 AXIS Q6055-E network cameras, to include areas that remained uncovered on phase 1.

Customized design

La Ceja del Tambo is a city in the Antioquia region located about 25 miles to the southwest of Medellín. Its industrial expansion and population growth have resulted in its becoming one of the most important cities in the department. However, threats to security have also increased.

The recent development of a metropolitan area in between the major cities of Eastern Antioquia has made La Ceja a preferred location for organized crime originating from these neighboring cities. For this reason they have been working on a plan to implement a security strategy that covers 40 key points throughout the city, utilizing five cameras in each area.

“We’ve adopted a security plan on the basis of two fundamental aspects: prevention, and response by support agencies,” explains Sergio Mira Rodríguez, Monitoring & Intelligence Center Coordinator for the Municipality of La Ceja.

The integrator of the project, Segurtronic, designed a security system that is customized to the needs of the municipality through the use of the SecurOS video management platform from Intelligent Security Systems (ISS).

According to Juan Guillermo Gómez, sales engineer for ISS, La Ceja adopted the Premium version of the company’s VMS. It allows for extra features and functionalities to be added in the future – such as license plate and facial recognition – that will make the system more robust through the use of analytics.

Total coverage, improved detail

All cameras used include Axis Zipstream technology that provides on average a 50% reduction in bandwidth and storage needs.

The equipment also carries a five-year Axis warranty, an extended coverage plan acquired by the municipality on all of its cameras. On example is the bullet-style AXIS P1405-LE Network Camera with integrated infrared and Axis Forensic WDR, a technology that enhances the ability to capture detail even when light conditions are challenging. It provides day/night functionality and is ideal for the 24-hour video monitoring of exposed exterior areas.

As a result of the extended warranty coverage, which is separately purchased, La Ceja del Tambo has ensured reliability as well as total control over technical specifications.

One of the most innovative aspects of the project is the inclusion of an AXIS Q6000-E and AXIS Q6055-E model at each of the 40 priority areas, as well as other models such as the AXIS Q1635-E, for a sum total of 200 cameras. This equipment provides constant coverage of the various areas, eliminates blind spots, and allows for the documentation of each sector through the ability to render recordings.

In the future, another 20 sets of AXIS Q6000-E network cameras coupled with AXIS Q6055-E will be added as an extension of this project – providing the assurance of total coverage for effectively protecting citizens.

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