How Eagle Eye CameraManager provides a secure feeling at the Hizi Hair Salons

How Eagle Eye CameraManager provides a secure feeling at the Hizi Hair Salons
HIZI HAIR is a professional hair salon franchise company with over 60 salons across the Netherlands. Eight years ago Anne Christien van Beekhuizen - proud owner of four salons - started using Eagle Eye CameraManager to secure her salons. All locations have high quality equipment and expensive assets.

To prevent break-ins and stealing of her essential work tools she installed one camera per location and by using the Eagle Eye CameraManager desktop and mobile apps she can overview all 4 locations from one central place. “Securing all of my salons in one system gives me the peace of mind and the time to focus entirely on my customers wellbeing.” Anne Christien explains.

The right position

Through smart positioning of the camera in every salon it is possible for Anne Christien to keep an eye on the entrance, especially the big window front that is vulnerable to breakings, and at the same time monitor her interior - including the cash register - in case the intruder finds another way in.

The right settings

With smart detection and alarm functions of the Eagle Eye CameraManager Application unusual activities will trigger an alarm and the owner will be notified. Eagle Eye CameraManager’s smart analytics tool CLVR analyses all recorded footage and ‘sees’ when something happens. Next to that it has the ability to set virtual borderlines (tripwires) or ‘hot’ areas to watch extra carefully. This way a big part of the monitoring can be automatized making it manageable to track multiple cameras on multiple locations

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