Domino's Pizza improved surveillance with Eagle Eye Networks

Domino's Pizza improved surveillance with Eagle Eye Networks
A Domino’s Pizza franchisee in Arkansas with 22 locations was using an outdated video surveillance system that was not cost effective and difficult to use. According to the franchisee, the original system would take several days or sometimes weeks to retrieve recorded video of an incident.

The franchisee approached Eagle Eye Networks with a wish list including a single platform for multiple locations, cloud storage, and the ability to utilize their existing analog cameras. Eagle Eye was able to accommodate their entire wish list and more. Eagle Eye provided them with central management for all of their locations, and the ability to retain their own analog cameras while also adding one new IP camera per location. They are also able to share specific cameras for a specific time with a specific person (historical or live footage), and retrieve recorded video of any incidents with ease.

The franchisee initially started with one pilot location, and after using EE for only a two months, they decided to roll Eagle Eye out to all 22 locations.

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Central Monitoring / Management Software

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