Imprivata selected by hospital to eliminate duplicate records

Imprivata selected by hospital to eliminate duplicate records
Imprivata, the healthcare IT security company, announced that Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC) has chosen to implement Imprivata PatientSecure, the positive patient identification solution for healthcare, to reduce duplicate medical records and improve patient safety. As part of the deployment, PVHMC will install Imprivata PatientSecure in its main hospital and across nine community clinics.

“Imprivata’s biometric identification solution will enable us to quickly, efficiently, and accurately match a patient to their complete medical history and eliminate duplicate medical records,” said Kent Hoyos, Chief Information Officer of Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. “This will consistently protect our patients’ information and reduce the risk of medical errors during the registration process and at the point of care.”

Improving patient identification is the #1 National Patient Safety Goal for hospitals, as outlined by The Joint Commission. In busy healthcare facilities, patient identification at registration can be challenging and can result in duplicate medical records and overlays, directly impacting patient safety. Imprivata PatientSecure eliminates patient misidentification, creating a 1:1 link between a patient’s unique biometric information and their individual medical record at any point of entry.

“ECRI Institute analysts recently discovered that 9 percent of patients suffer from otherwise preventable adverse events such as an incorrect procedure or a medication error as a result of patient identification mistakes,” said Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer for Imprivata. “Ensuring that patients can be accurately and securely identified at any point of care is extremely important in the ability to provide the correct care to the correct patient. We’re proud to partner with Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center as Imprivata PatientSecure will help them to improve patient safety, eliminate duplicate medical records, and protect their patients’ data.”

PVHMC currently uses Imprivata OneSign for fast, secure access to patient health information (PHI), and Imprivata Cortext for secure communications across the continuum of patient care. Imprivata PatientSecure will extend the value of secure and efficient care to patients and the patient registration workflow. The solution is scheduled to be implemented across the entire Pomona Valley enterprise in the Los Angeles and western San Bernardino counties.
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