Evolis enables European sports betting specialist to supply ID member cards

Evolis enables European sports betting specialist to supply ID member cards
In Austria, sports betting achieves an annual turnover growth of approximately 20 percent. Since 2016, a new Austrian betting law stipulates that players must register at the betting office with photo ID. The European sports betting specialist CASHPOINT has used this as an opportunity to install print systems from Evolis in its Austrian betting offices, which generate coded ID customer cards in just a few moments.

Since the new Austrian betting law has entered into force, Cashpoint has installed 63 Avansia printing systems from Evolis in its betting offices. The Austrian Evolis partner Variuscard has been supplying CASHPOINT with plastic cards since 1996. Variuscard specializes in complete solutions for the production of plastic cards, from the simple customer card to the coded chip card. Michael Dorner, Managing Director of Variuscard, has been observing a trend towards the printing of plastic cards directly at the point of sale, especially in the entertainment market: "Our customers are more autonomous and reactive with these printing systems."

Within the scope of a tender, Variuscard presented to CASHPOINT tested the printer models of various manufacturers. The Evolis Avansia model has been selected for its reliability, print speed and the high print quality of 600 dpi.

100,000 member cards in the first year 

For security reasons, the new ID card is pre-personalized by Variuscard with an encrypted chip and is pre-printed in large volumes using the Evolis system Quantum, containing the CASHPOINT logo, a background and micro-text. The staff in the betting offices, trained by Variuscard, receives the pre-printed cards and takes an ID photo of each new customer. Then the pre-printed card is encrypted a second time, personalized with the name and photo of the customer and printed with Avansia. The advantage: the customer immediately receives his personalized customer card. Up to the end of 2017, 100,000 customer cards are expected to be issued and delivered to all CASHPOINT offices. The customer service for the Evolis systems is in most cases provided by CASHPOINT technicians.

For Michael Schiener, Managing Director Cashpoint Group, the partnership with Variuscard has many advantages: "With Variuscard, we have a provider for several countries. Since our numerous plastic cards are produced by Variuscard, the coordination is considerably easier than with different suppliers. The wide product range that Varius offers is also very interesting for us.

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