Axis enhances safety in cargo transport for Colombian port

Axis enhances safety in cargo transport for Colombian port


The Port of Barranquilla is the premier seaport on the Caribbean coast of Colombia and serves as a full-service logistics company. Its financial master plan (2015-2017) included a project to strengthen its current security plan, with the aim of preventing incidents that may threaten cargo integrity while also supporting the country’s foreign trade dynamics and its development of national industries.


It was determined that among the organization’s needs were providing better cargo tracking and implementing a video surveillance system that could cover various areas of operation including parking lots, inspection platforms, and refrigeration and freezer warehouses, among others. As a result, with the help of Axis Communications, they installed a series of cameras capable of withstanding extreme temperature conditions – and offering remote zoom and focus capabilities – while delivering a high level of detail, despite some cameras being situated about 23 feet above ground.

The cameras used included three models with Zipstream technology, significantly reducing bandwidth and storage needs while maintaining a high level of image quality. This has made it much easier for the port to conduct real-time monitoring. The three models that incorporate this technology were: AXIS P3707-PE, which generates four images and efficiently monitors large interior and exterior zones with its 360º viewing area, and which is resistant to dust, rain, snow, ice and corrosion; AXIS P1364-E, with day & night functionality and P-Iris lens to maximize image sharpness; and AXIS Q6054-E, providing instantaneous focus even under low-contrast and other demanding lighting conditions.

Another technology that was taken into account for the implementation of the project was 4K resolution, providing four times that of Full HD. It allows them to view details over a vast area, improving any part of a scene and capturing detailed images for investigative purposes.

AXIS Q3709-PVE cameras were strategically placed throughout the area around the warehouses. It captures images in great detail, rendering a level of clarity that provides for facial recognition over distance as well as real-time monitoring.

Additionally, the AXIS Q6044-E PTZ Dome Camera was included among the equipment providing oversight of the warehouse area. As a result of the camera’s Active Gatekeeper functionality, it can automatically move to a pre-set position when motion is detected within a predefined area and continually track the object or subject in motion


As a result of this security-strengthening project that included the installation of Axis network cameras, the organization has increased the confidence level of its clients. In the project’s first year of implementation there were zero incidents of cargo contamination, successfully demonstrating the effectiveness of the system while complementing the efforts of the port’s experienced work team.

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