TeleEye releases eventMAX Solution to manage events instantly with mobile

TeleEye releases eventMAX Solution to manage events instantly with mobile
Even with a 7x24 surveillance system, users still cannot be guaranteed with a maximum level of security protection if the system relies heavily on human supervision. In view of this, TeleEye, the global leading supplier in video surveillance systems, announces the release of eventMAX Solution.

eventMAX Solution is TeleEye’s latest security alert service especially designed for instant and efficient event management. With this intelligent mobile service, users will be alerted immediately through mobile notifications once the events are being detected. As such, users can respond to the events swiftly and precisely to minimize or even prevent the losses and damages caused by the incidents.

Integration with TeleEye i-View HD

eventMAX Solution integrates with TeleEye i-View HD, a professional video management mobile application. With its newest upgraded interface, users can view the entire scenes of events in seconds by using their mobile device. Once the event is triggered, users will instantly be notified through messages with three event images: approximately 2 seconds before, the exact second, and approximately 2 seconds after the incident. TeleEye i-View HD also provides other useful functions which enable the users to track back to the events efficiently. As a result, users can comprehensively learn the events at once wherever they are so that corresponding actions can be taken.

eventMAX Functions

Apart from the mobile notification with event images, eventMAX also offers the following functions:

Notification History

Users can review up to 1000 recent notifications with the functions of viewing the playback and the real-time situation of the events. If the mobile devices are lost, users can still retrieve the events again and replace them into their new mobile devices as the events are stored in the off-site eventMAX server.


This function allows the users to see how the event was triggered and it can provide very useful information for post-incident investigation.

Real-time Situation

If the users discovered the event at once with the alert message and want to see the live situation, they can use the function of “real-time situation” to monitor the behaviors of their targeted objects.

Video Searching

Users can find exactly what they are looking for by inserting the information of the event video, such as date, time, site name etc. This can save a lot of time as there is no need to scan through a massive amount of videos.

Off-site Evidence Protection

Two major concerns for most people are that evidence is destroyed or stolen by criminals. Therefore, once an event is triggered, the event images will simultaneously be stored in off-site eventMAX server. Even if the DVRs are deliberately destroyed by the criminals, there is still the backup of event images in the server. The evidence is well protected.

Encrypted Data Transfer

All the event images are encrypted by AES. Meanwhile, the data will be further protected by SSL during the process of transmission. Thus, no one can possibly access or steal the video data.

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