Crossmatch biometrics rein in security risks for Computer-Rx Pharmacy customers

Crossmatch biometrics rein in security risks for Computer-Rx Pharmacy customers
Crossmatch, a globally-recognized provider of identity management and secure authentication solutions, announced that pharmacy management solutions provider, Computer-Rx, has implemented its biometric identity management technology.

Computer-Rx considered several technologies to replace usernames and passwords, including badge ID-scanning technologies. Ultimately, Computer-Rx chose Crossmatch fingerprint biometrics and its customizable DigitalPersona U.are.U SDK software. Crossmatch biometrics were chosen because they deliver an attractive value proposition that includes superior security, improved operational efficiencies and convenient access to Computer-Rx pharmacy management solutions.

Shrinkage via POS terminals in the retail and hospitality sectors is an ongoing problem with upwards of 45 percent of cases perpetrated internally by employees using compromised usernames and passwords, among other methods.

The adoption of Crossmatch biometric solutions is a strong defense against theft by holding specific employees accountable along the entire pharmacy dispensation trail. This also helps ensure adequate inventory is available to patients in greatest need.

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