U.S. residential building equips Eagle Eye Networks

U.S. residential building equips Eagle Eye Networks
Trace Lofts is a residential building centrally located in the Capital Hill area of Seattle, WA. The management team became aggravated with their existing DVR system after a minor security incident, where they unable to retrieve proper footage from the event. The building is in a high-traffic area, and the management team was concerned with the safety of their residents and their employees.

Trace Lofts decided to upgrade their video surveillance as a precautionary measure. The management team wanted a system that would allow them to easily access video clips and disseminate them to the appropriate authorities, when necessary. They didn’t want the added cost of replacing their 16 existing cameras located throughout the building.

Trace Lofts chose Eagle Eye Networks due to its flexibility. They use the Eagle Eye Bridge 410, which supports their existing analog cameras. They also have the option to upgrade or add more IP cameras, when needed. The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS has proven its effectiveness in accessing and sharing video clips. The management team can easily check their footage from anywhere via the Eagle Eye mobile app.

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