Axxonsoft to showcase intelligent video technologies at IFSEC

Axxonsoft to showcase intelligent video technologies at IFSEC
Axxonsoft will be at IFSEC 2017 showcasing the updated Axxon Next 4.0.2 video management system.
  • Unmatched capabilities for face search. Axxon Next can find a specific face among tens of thousands of IFSEC visitors in a few seconds. It shows which cameras caught the face, and when.
  • Instant smart search in recorded video by license plate numbers and multiple criteria: colour, size, the direction of movement and much more.
  • Patented TimeCompressor scene synopsis extracts all motion events from an hour video and packs them into a few minutes, sparing you the fast-forwarding.
  • Integration of thousands of different devices, including a UAV! Parrot drone is one of the integrated UAVs and has a special mission for the event. It will be continuously streaming video to Axxon Next.
  • Failover — prevention of data loss if one of the servers fails.
  • Reduce the load on the video server CPU with our Intel Quick Sync integration and GreenStream bandwidth optimisation. View up to 100 Full HD cameras on one client without any loss of FPS or video quality. Save on hardware with lower requirements for client machines!
  • Boost your staff performance by giving them the best in ergonomics – our GUI.
The company will also be presenting the Intellect physical security management platform. Intellect is a perfect fit for building distributed security systems of any size and complexity. In addition, visitor's will also see facial recognition counting the number of unique visitors and determining their gender and age.

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