HID Global introduces tamper evident tag that verifies integrity of sealed items for RFID applications

HID Global introduces tamper evident tag that verifies integrity of sealed items for RFID applications
HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions announced the latest addition to its Seal Tag family of RFID products, the Seal Tag edTamper UHF. The new solution quickly verifies the seal status integrity for large tag populations, without the need to be in the line of sight. The tamper-evident tag is designed for managing sensitive and highly secure items, such as aircraft life vests or weapon and equipment racks that require periodic safety and security checks from a distance.

“The latest addition to our Seal Tag portfolio demonstrates HID Global’s continued commitment to the rapid expansion of RFID solutions that simplify processes and open new market opportunities with innovative configurations and features,” said Richard Aufreiter, Director of Product Marketing, Identification Technologies with HID Global. “Customers benefit from a best-in-class transponder that delivers unprecedented accuracy and exceptional read ranges, while also meeting numerous industry standards that extend tag usage to applications on aircrafts and other scenarios.”

The Seal Tag edTamper tag provides a digital notification if a sealed tag has been compromised and is designed for a broad array of industrial applications that require a long read range for easy, fast and accurate inventory management. Identifying a broken seal among many items is quick and easy with the swipe of a UHF reader. This unique feature contrasts with visually tamper-evident tags that require physical examination to detect a broken loop or electrically tamper-evident tags that stop working when the seal is broken.

HID tags leverage the UCODE G2iM series chip from NXP, which enables theft deterrence, tamper-evident notification and privacy protection modes. “Our UCODE G2iM series transponder chips provide customers with a unique tag tamper feature, detecting theft and item manipulation while ensuring unparalleled system performance to accurately count of what’s available and where,” said Ralf Kodritsch, Director Segment Manager, RFID Solutions with NXP. The new HID Seal Tag edTamper UHF is also designed to be flame-resistant and perform regardless of deployment environment.

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