Eagle Eye Networks and partner to offer business intelligence to restaurant operators

Eagle Eye Networks and partner to offer business intelligence to restaurant operators
Eagle Eye Networks announced a partnership with Parapet Studios to help restaurant operators reduce losses from shrink, waste, and theft while increasing visibility of sales activities, and improving overall operations. The partnership combines Parapet’s Overseer loss prevention management system with Eagle Eye Network’s Cloud Security Camera VMS via the Eagle Eye Video API Platform to provide restaurant operators critical video footage.

The Eagle Eye Video API Platform is a comprehensive API that allows for simple and quick integration of video. Parapet Studios Overseer is the latest example of how companies are leveraging the Eagle Eye Networks API to provide business video to their customers.

“Video integration is an integral part of our success in preventing employee theft,” stated Jeff North, Co-Founder of Parapet Studios. “We are thrilled to be working with Eagle Eye to bring our mutual clients a virtually seamless process for flagging and reviewing questionable transactions. With the simple click of a button, users are taken from the flagged transaction directly to the relevant video feed and back again… all without ever leaving Overseer!”

The integrated solution enables restaurant operators to analyze and compare performance metrics – like customer wait times, promotional effectiveness and conversion rates – to identify trends and discover potential business improvements. The solution also enables restaurant operators to find theft and fraud incidents more efficiently, conduct investigations more effectively, and provide easy-to-use transaction summaries, enabling operators to:
  • Review employee behavior across multiple locations by incident type, loss type, or frequency of suspicious behavior
  • Quickly identify and visually verify suspect transactions
  • Isolate repeat offenders with emphasis on highly used modes of theft
  • Gather strong case evidence, complete with synchronized video and receipt information, to improve apprehension and recovery rates
“This partnership allows me to turn recorded video and analytics into impactful business intelligence,” stated Rob Rianna, Multi-Unit KFC Franchisee. “The added visibility provides me with enhanced security at the point of sale, better tabs on labor and inventory, and provides our guests with more efficient and consistent customer service.”
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