IPS launches new products version 8.0

IPS launches new products version 8.0
IPS Intelligent Video Analytics is proud to announce the latest version 8.0 of IPS VideoManager, IPS VideoAnalytics and IPS AnalyticsManager with various enhancements. With the current release, IPS managed to respond to specific customer needs and project requirements of its Europe-wide partner network, with a focus on performance improvements and usability optimisation – crucial aspects for a positive user experience.

New functions and deeper integration to 3rd party systems

Among the new functions are extended display options in the client and new status dialogs, which allow an improved system overview. Moreover, new virtualisation solutions enable the reduction of computing performance at the operation station.

High priority was given also in this release to further improve the interfaces of IPS products with 3rd party systems. Hence, Alarm ID’s delivered by an external system can now be displayed within the IPS VideoManager, enabling for instance the search of number plates or other ID numbers. Furthermore, various deep integration possibilities of IPS VideoAnalytics make their full functionality now even more accessible to 3rd party systems. Thus, with the help of the IPS AnalyticsManager, analytics meta data can now also be displayed in the live view of the video management system Milestone XProtect.

IPS VideoAnalytics – Robust even in challenging scenarios

With Version 8.0 IPS also conducted numerous improvements of the server- and camera-based video analytics. The focus here was put on performance improvements of several analytics modules and the highly effective filtering of disturbance objects. So guarantees the module IPS Indoor Detection, which was designed especially for the surveillance of indoor areas, a reliable detection even under extremely changing lighting conditions. Moreover, the module IPS Public Transport Protection was optimised for track bed surveillance in outdoor applications with even more powerful filters and is now well equipped to face extreme weather conditions and various environments.

As usual also in this release the firmware compatibility of camera-based video analytics has been updated. Additionally, the configurations of camera-based analytics can now be saved on external devices and thus be easily transferred to new cameras, saving a lot of time with the configuration of video analytics in case of replacing a camera.

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