JFK Terminal One improves with Milestone video

JFK Terminal One improves with Milestone video

The Challenge

Previously, Terminal One at JFK International Airport relied on a limited analog surveillance system and a separate, older IP system that were independent of each other. Both were inadequate and lacked the functionality that Terminal One needed. Users could only view video from specific workstations, it was difficult to replace or add cameras, and the system did not integrate easily with other systems. Migrating the terminal’s old analog system to an advanced IP video management software (VMS) platform was no small feat. Due to the airport’s high-security environment, the system and all of its cameras had to remain operational around the clock throughout the migration.

The Solution

To design and implement a new solution, the airport worked with security integrator Media Wire. The New York-based integrator designed and implemented a Milestone XProtect Corporate VMS system to manage 500 to 600 cameras, including the installation of 160 new Axis cameras. Providing users with greater access to video, the Milestone Mobile client is used by air terminal managers to view video on their mobile devices. The Milestone VMS is integrated with Honeywell’s Pro-Watch access control system so all alarms and door information can be easily accessed from one centralized system.

Additionally, the advanced VMS integrates via Milestone Interconnect with the video from the Milestone Husky network video recorders (NVRs) used by the terminal’s restaurants and vendors, enabling broader coverage of the entire terminal.


Milestone’s IP VMS provided a significant upgrade to the terminal’s analog system and greatly enhanced the ability to monitor and efficiently respond to incidents. The system’s search capabilities enable users to quickly find and identify camera views. It provides users with the flexibility to view any of the nearly 600 cameras from any workstation throughout the airport — even from their mobile devices.

Greater video coverage means the terminal can be protected against a range of threats including security breaches, aggressive actions and injury and liability issues. With many agencies requiring access to the system, from the FBI to building maintenance, the terminal’s new system is more user friendly, making it much easier for operators to manage.

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