Cea Point Industrial employs VIVOTEK IP surveillance system to enhance efficiency of retail store management

Cea Point Industrial employs VIVOTEK IP surveillance system to enhance efficiency of retail store management
Founded in 1977, Cea Point Industrial initially specialized in the manufacture of men’s trousers, later shifting its focus to producing licensed products for various brands. Currently, Cea Point is Taiwan’s only licensed manufacturer for the Italian business casual brand PEBBLE’S, British golf apparel brand WHOLSEY, Japanese brand SIMPLE LIFE, and British swimwear brand ZOGGS, all of which are prominent brands in department stores and shopping centers across Taiwan. To accommodate the increasing number of retail outlets for these brands and the related demands on business management, Cea Point, after comprehensive research and assessment, employed an advanced IP surveillance system and secure network structure plan. Following the installation of this system, the flexible deployment of network cameras and convenient, real-time management were achieved - the sum result was substantially elevated management efficiency.

At reach remote surveillance and real-time inspection management

Deputy Manager Li Si-Xian of the Import Brand Business Division of Cea Point stated that as SIMPLE LIFE’s stores are spread across Taiwan, the company decided to employ an IP surveillance system, thereby enabling real-time monitoring for all stores and the efficient remote management of store displays. Even when traveling overseas for business, managers can monitor the operations of stores by connecting their smartphones to the internet and accessing the remote surveillance system, ensuring that all staff members are at their designated positions and that the retail outlet is running at maximum efficiency. Managers can also engage in real-time communication with staff members to arrange support during busy periods or to adjust product displays, thus increasing customers’ satisfaction and improving flow arrangements in all stores. This not only enhances management efficiency but also saves the cost and time required for inspecting stores. It also creates a unified shopping experience for customers loyal to the brand – they can expect the same displays and store layout no matter which retail outlet they decide to shop at.

Employing the FE8180 to achieve effective wide-range surveillance

As SIMPLE LIFE stores are mainly located in shopping centers, stores are not subject to the same limits found at department store counters. For example, SIMPLE LIFE has stores in Mitsui Outlet Park, E-DA Outlet Mall, and Miramar Entertainment Park. The display areas of SIMPLE LIFE stores in these three locations are quite large and are primarily open plan. Thus, with the assistance of VIVOTEK’s distributor Zero One Tech, Cea Point employed the stylish VIVOTEK FE8180 fisheye network camera. This high performance but low profile camera has a diameter of only 90mm, but is able to offer 5-megapixel sensors and 180° panoramic and 360° surround views. The camera’s excellent resolution enables effective wide-range surveillance, offering a comprehensive view while decreasing the number of cameras needed and thus cutting procurement costs. The FE8180’s built-in WDR enhancement technology results in significant benefits for processing environments with complex light sources, thus eliminating interference caused by the many projection lights found in many retail stores. Further, the FE8180’s lightweight, miniature, and minimalistic design ensures simple installation and a seamless integration with the surrounding environment, meaning that the camera’s stand-out performance can blend-in to even the most fashion conscious retail environment.

A new business value that will enhance smart surveillance in the future

Finally, Deputy Manager Li also stated that with the rapid advancement of technology, IP surveillance systems can now be integrated with smart devices. In the near future, smart analytic functions such as traffic statistics, hotspot analysis, and motion detection will be applied to combine management and business intelligence and to provide customers with a more comprehensive and real-time shopping experience while multiplying the benefits and opportunities for marketing.

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