VIVOTEK surveillance system brings security to Nikolaev Zoo

VIVOTEK surveillance system brings security to Nikolaev Zoo
LLC Konus Ukraine has now finalized the first phase of installation of a revolutionary video surveillance system at the Nikolaev Zoo, one of the oldest zoos in the Ukraine. Named after its founder, Nikolai. P. Leontovich, the Nikolaev Zoo is more than 110 years old and covers an area of 18.48 hectares. Currently the Zoo is home to 6029 animals from nearly 475 different species, 253 of which are listed as endangered.

The new surveillance system was installed in such a way as to maximize the coverage of critical areas while laying the foundation for further expansion of the system. Such system demands componentry both capable of high performance and interoperability. The system also needs to be ready for the expected expansion. Realizing these challenges, Nikolaev Zoo accepted the concept proposed by LLC Konus Ukraine to use VIVOTEK equipment including the ND9541 network video recorder, FD8369A-V and MS8391-EV network cameras, AW-FET-050A-065 and AW-FED-0500-065 network PoE switches, plus AP-FIC-010B-015 PoE injectors. With the prudent selection of these advanced models, the groundwork for further system development was already laid down during the first phase.

Equipped for up to 32-CH network video recorder (NVR), the ND9541 also supports H.264/H.265 video compression technology. To ensure the secure storage of all data, the NVR features RAID 0/1/5 configuration. Through this NVR, Zoo security personnel were able to monitor the safety of endangered animals, Zoo staff, and the many families who treasure this important public resource.

In order to ensure that the Zoo’s security system remained operable under any conditions, the FD8369A-V fixed dome network camera, armed with vandal-proof IK10-rated housing, was selected.

In order to ensure that the Zoo’s security system remained operable under any conditions, the FD8369A-V fixed dome network camera, armed with vandal-proof IK10-rated housing, was selected. Special metalwork was used to mount the cameras, which facilitated installation in locations offering the maximum possible viewing coverage while simultaneously ensuring that the cameras blended in to the existing landscape of the park.

In addition to the video surveillance system, the distributor “LLC Konus Ukraine” and VIVOTEK have donated the MS8391-EV multiple sensor network camera to Nikolaev Zoo. This model provides a 7552 х 1416 resolution panoramic view with no geometric distortions on the image. VIVOTEK engineers achieved this remarkable feat by combining multiple cameras in a single housing and "gluing" multiple visual threads into one comprehensive stream. The MS8391-EV was strategically located in front of the main entrance to the zoo, enabling everyone to enjoy both the beauty of the Nikolaev Zoo, and the performances and festivals held there for the visitors.

The VIVOTEK IP surveillance system now used only for security and safety, will soon be also used for promotion and entertainment. Plans for 2017 include the integration of the Nikolaev Zoo and the “Safe City” project surveillance systems. This has been made possible through the use of VIVOTEK equipment and its full compliance with the ONVIF specifications. Moreover, in order to promote urban projects, there are plans to broadcast footage of some of the zoo areas online on the Zoo’s websites and city network resources. In this way, VIVOTEK, LLC Konus Ukraine, and the Nikolaev Zoo continue to work hand in hand to ensure the safety of the animals, staff, and visitors, while enhancing the experience of visiting this great zoo.

All the equipment made under VIVOTEK trademark is warranted for 24 months and certified for compliance with the standards of Ukraine.

“LLC Konus Ukraine” in partnership with VIVOTEK intends to continue supporting Ukraine’s social projects.

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