Vision-Box partners with ATEA for Lithuanian driver license issuance

Vision-Box partners with ATEA for Lithuanian driver license issuance
Seeking a way to expedite the processing and issuance of nearly 200.000 driver licenses per year and aiming to modernize their services, the Lithuanian State Enterprise Regitra turned to Vision-Box, the leading provider of electronic identity solutions, and ATEA, a leading supplier of IT infrastructure and system integration in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Together, they deployed a full-fledged, state-of-the-art identity management infrastructure designed to facilitate the enrollment of citizens’ biometric data, improve the quality level of data capture and management, as well as enhance personal data security, placing Lithuania on the leading edge of biometric identity document issuance innovation.

To replace the previous bulky and slow legacy photo booths, Regitra chose vb e-pass kiosks and desktops touchpoints to provide a completely renewed interface method with the citizen. With a much smaller footprint, these integrated enrollment stations, used in both self-service and assisted mode, have brought a new look, feel, and visibility to Regitra offices, without impacting available space and offering better conditions, optimization, and efficiency for citizens and operators.

Additionally, the touchpoints are resolving long-standing image quality issues of obsolete systems, with the vb e-pass kiosks and desktops capturing each applicant’s face biometric image and digital signature according to the highest international standards, in just a few seconds. Adding to the effectiveness of the system, the vb e-pass kiosks and desktops are deployed jointly with vb e-pass backdrop units. These intelligently illuminated screens are used to achieve a uniformly lit background, boosting the quality of facial image captures and further guaranteeing full compliance with ICAO guidelines for a perfect face image capture colorless background.

The Vision-Box track record of more than 3000 Identity Management solutions deployed in over 30 countries and responsible for around 50 Million biometric enrollment processes for electronic documents was essential in delivering the new system’s diverse goals. The new Regitra solution also benefited from Vision-Box’s renowned experience in human-machine interaction with:
  • Ergonomically optimized touchpoints offering an easy process for both officer and citizen, to ensure a fast, accurate, and smooth experience.
  • Expertly designed animated instructions displayed to the citizen on the embedded LCD screen for an easy to follow and efficient process.
  • An automated height adjustment camera capturing a facial image of the person when the eyes are detected and guaranteeing a perfect camera alignment without causing any discomfort to the applicant.
  • A correct and fully ICAO compliant photo capture the first time around.
  • The applicant given a choice to choose their preferred photo to be printed on their driver’s license, adding to the overall efficiency and user-friendliness of the system.
  • The applicant electronically signing on an embedded pad, legally certifying the biometric capture process and as a final validation of the captured data.

The new solutions have so far produced tangible results of significantly decreased applicant processing times; vastly reduced queuing lines; and increased document and associated processes security. Saulius Šuminas, Regitra deputy director, “Due to Vision-Box provided solution we are observing great improvement in driving license issuing times and customer satisfaction. Vision-Box biometric enrollment solution is very intuitive for our customers and a very powerful tool for our employees. As being state company, one of the main success indicator is customer satisfaction and with the Vision-Box solution we are able to achieve it.”

Behind the user-centric touchpoints is the vb e-pass enrollment software suite, a robust platform managed by Regitra, and integrating the entire national enrollment infrastructure. The platform is responsible for gathering all applicants’ biometric and biographical data captured at the enrollment stations, as well as automatically assessing and validating the quality of each capture in compliance with all international requirements such as ICAO. The correct enrollment and consolidation of the data is absolutely pivotal for further document personalization and life cycle management.

The new solutions have so far produced tangible results of significantly decreased applicant processing times; vastly reduced queuing lines; and increased document and associated processes security. 

Built upon a Privacy-by-Design principle, the vb e-pass enrollment software suite offers a full protection and cross-matching of information, guaranteeing the safeguarding of a citizen’s personal information and other critical data through all the stages leading to document production.

Rimas Kvaselis, ATEA Project Group manager said,“It was a very interesting challenge to find a better way for all drivers to get their driver licenses. The new system brought additional knowledge for Regitra employees. Well prepared trainings managed to prepare employees in a short period of time. After having fully adopted the system, the driving license issuing process is much more streamlined and customer satisfaction is noticeable.”

Jean-François Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales of Vision-Box highlights that, “Regitra is heavily committed to modernizing the services they offer their citizens. Having a driver’s license is life changing for most people and Vision-Box is happy to be able to provide the best experience to applicants from the start at Regitra offices. Matching this with the goal of offering top-notch quality of data enrolled and, therefore, efficiencies throughout the lifecycle of a document, is what we do best so we’re happy to put Lithuania on the map of advanced identity management technology!”

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