Streamlining arena security at United Center with Axis

Streamlining arena security at United Center with Axis
Frustrated with a faulty analog security setup, the United Center set out to raise their technology standards and centralize operations through a network system. A host venue to about 225 major events annually, security staff no longer wanted to worry about equipment malfunctions so that they could maintain the venue’s chief goal: to create a safe environment for its spectators, performers and employees.

The arena streamlined its security operations, both through its deployed hardware of Axis Communications network cameras and its in-house command center running Genetec’s VMS platform. The security team now has a central location to dispatch calls, monitor any potential incidents on screen and make calls through the PA system.

Shifting the gameplan
The security staff at the United Center held concerns about their prior surveillance system for it’s unnecessary complications and poor quality. To scrap their old DVRs, the team transitioned to a fully networkcompatible system on Genetec Security Center, centralizing a new selection of Axis IP cameras onto the Omnicast VMS.

Current count of cameras in and around the United Center has eclipsed 304, where security can monitor a selection of key areas, especially any potential entrance into the building. These critical locations include main gates, corridors and concourses, player entrances by the loading dock and parking lots. Areas with higher volumes of traffic are also under watch.

United Center implemented several Axis M3007-PV Network Cameras in many of its concession stands and backstage areas due to its 360-degree views at up to 5-megapixel resolution. “We’re utilizing those cameras in certain areas where before, I would have had to use four fixed cameras just to pick up that one space,” noted Alex Hernandez, Senior Director of Security at the United Center. “Now I only need one 360 camera and the job gets done. Those save me on licenses, they save me on camera counts.”

To filter through a busy scene on a gameday, the United Center makes use of multiple Axis PTZ cameras to monitor a wide scene while being able to pan and zoom in to an area of interest if needed. Specifically, Axis Q6045-E PTZ Dome Network Cameras are deployed outdoors to keep an eye on parking lots and the surrounding area.

With additions to the facilities coming and everchanging technologies, the United Center put itself on the fast track to long-term success by implementing a scalable system and focusing on future progress toward expanding its efforts. The collaboration with Axis, Genetec and Convergint Technologies to deploy a top-of-the-line and easy-to-use system continues to pay dividends; it has allowed personnel to focus less on technical troubleshooting and more on the safety of the potentially thousands of people on the property on any given night.
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