Titan Vision integrated IP surveillance platform for museums and galleries

Titan Vision integrated IP surveillance platform for museums and galleries
These are challenging times for local government, museum authorities and security managers.Designed with the needs of museums authorities and security managers in mind, Titan Vision is a state of the art IP video surveillance video management software application.

“TITAN VISION has been an important partner to Glasgow Museums & Galleries for over eight years. They have kept our security systems up to date with the latest technology: including the original move from analogue to digital, hard disk recording, high quality IP video surveillance, video analytics, people-counting and now the latest wireless cameras and recorders.” - Tom Gallacher, Security Manager, Glasgow Museums & Galleries.

TITAN VISION has supplied Glasgow Museums with a complete, state of the art, fully integrated IP video surveillance solution for the past eight years:
  • Generating cost savings of more than £500k per annum
  • Protecting invaluable exhibits such as the Pembroke Armour
  • Scaling and evolving economically and effectively with the needs of the museums

Their experience of working with Glasgow (the largest local authority museums service in the UK) means that Titan Vision understand the particular needs of museums and are ready to help:
  • Design an IP video surveillance installation which is appropriate and cost effective
  • Upgrade your existing systems with new technology
  • Generate substantial economic savings
  • Provide robust assurance that your collections are fully protected

Glasgow Museums houses a collection of 1.2 million objects of national and international significance valued at over £400 million curated in 13 different buildings.

Glasgow Museums saves £150k per annum on the costs of invigilation and security at one site alone. Across the estate, the savings are greater than £500k per annum.

Titan Vision has enabled Glasgow City Council to centralise and integrate its new and existing video surveillance systems with 200+ cameras as well as to fully integrate fire, security and access control systems covering 17 sites and all related detection and control equipment.

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