NEC establishes security operations center in Austria

NEC establishes security operations center in Austria
NEC and Infose, a specialized security company belonging to the NEC Group, announced the establishment of Infosec Austria as a security operations center (SOC) in Vienna, Austria. The new company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infosec.

NEC’s experience in the security field includes the provision of managed security services that capitalize on specialized personnel from both NEC and Infosec in order to provide 24/7 security monitoring and emergency response to cyber incidents. Until now, these operations have been performed centrally at NEC’s Cyber Security Factory in Japan, a core center that supports the introduction and operation of measures against cyber attacks.

In order to accommodate an increasing number of customers while maintaining high quality services, NEC is now establishing a worldwide round-the-clock operation, “Follow the Sun,” where three locations in Japan, Europe and the Americas will each perform security monitoring during daytime hours by utilizing the time difference between the three time zones. The establishment of the SOC in Austria is part of this initiative, and NEC plans to establish an additional SOC in the Americas in the future.

NEC and Infosec Austria also plan to develop local partner companies and conduct marketing activities, with the aim of providing managed security services in Europe and expanding the sale of NEC’s security products.

“NEC is devoting resources to the development of social solutions, with a particular focus on strengthening the security field, including cyber security, as a core element of its global growth strategy,” said Kazuhiko Shiraishi, General Manager, National Security Solutions Division, NEC Corporation. “Going forward, NEC will continue contributing to the realization of a safe, secure and affluent society by providing products and services that help strengthen security.”

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