Intelligent Security Systems help secure Deal Police Department

Intelligent Security Systems help secure Deal Police Department
A fully integrated security architecture was developed and implemented at the Deal Municipal Complex in Deal, NJ. Complying with Federal, State, and County policies, a single-system architecture provides video surveillance, alarming/alerting, integrated audio monitoring / recording, and facility access control for the police station, municipal court, and Borough facilities.

MTS Intelligent Surveillance Solutions designed and implemented the integrated security solution during a facility renovation project, basing the system on Intelligent Security System’s SecurOS application. With a software-based architecture, MTS was able to integrate video, audio, and access control within a single application on a single server.

The entire architecture is events-based, i.e., all video cameras, card readers, and audio microphones are system sensors with defined events. This enables the police to perform other policing functions while the system monitors events and provides an event-based log of all activities. Within pre-defined policies, key events trigger alerts and alarms, providing notification for dispatch officers.

Surveillance locations
  • Processing room
  • Holding cells
  • Secure corridor
  • Interview room (CID)
  • Evidence vault
  • Armory
  • Facility perimeter
  • Entrance ways
  • Court room
  • Records
  • Court administration

The system conforms to New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC), New Jersey Attorney General (NJAG), Monmouth County Prosecutors Office (MCPO), and the Administrative Office of Courts (AOC) Policy Requirements

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