Cathexis Technologies launches CathexisVision 2017

Cathexis Technologies launches CathexisVision 2017
Cathexis Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of CathexisVision 2017. The 2017 software release boasts an extended range of new features, which culminate into one of the most sophisticated, yet intuitive security and infrastructure management tools on the market today.

H.265 Support: CathexisVision 2017 now provides the necessary support for the H.265 protocol. H.265 is a cutting-edge, high-efficiency video codec, which significantly reduces bandwidth and storage requirements, and is being increasingly adopted by IP camera manufacturers globally.

Camera Integrations: Cathexis Technologies has added over 300 new IP camera integrations to its ever increasing list of supported IP cameras.

3rd Party Systems Integrations: Cathexis Technologies has added a whole new host of third party integrations to an already impressive portfolio, to enhance this powerful surveillance solution.

These additional third party integrations include:
  • Honeywell (Pro-Watch), Axis, Impro and Salto Access Control Systems
  • Southwest Microwave (Intrepid) and Stinger Perimeter Intrusion Systems
  • Risco and Texecom Alarm Panels
  • Papouch-Quido I/O Device
  • Talaris and Julong Money Counters
  • Matrix Barcode Reader
SnapSearch: The new CathexisVision SnapSearch feature significantly enhances control room performance by speeding up control room searches and eliminating the need to scrutinize large amounts of footage to locate specific incidents.

Adjacent Camera Mapping: The Adjacent Camera Mapping feature provides a powerful enhancement to the control room environment, particularly for larger sites, which require hundreds of IP surveillance cameras. It enables customers to “map” cameras together so that operators are able to view all cameras adjacent to the camera currently in view. This makes it possible to follow people or specific incidents taking place on site.

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)/Active Directory support for enhanced User-Management: CathexisVision now supports the LDAP and Windows Active Directory for enterprise level, centralised user-management. This enables customers to adopt the CathexisVision software seamlessly within their existing network management framework.

ANPR enhancements: Having launched the highly effective ANPR feature in 2016, this new edition of CathexisVision 2017 includes a number of enhancements to the ANPR feature, including: the addition of more fields to include additional categories for Middle Eastern license plate support and, the addition of an easy-to-use API to allow third party systems to receive ANPR information from the Cathexis system.

New API for Integration: The new Application Programming Interface (API) provides for added functionality and more contemporary HTTP/RTSP/SIP protocol. In addition, it provides a user-friendly solution to interface third party systems, including: Building Management Systems, Physical Security Information System (PSIM) and Situational Awareness Platforms. Cathexis has also added a sample application to make the integration simpler and perform intermittent troubleshooting.

64 Bit Operating System Support: CathexisVision 2017 has been fully fitted for future enhancement by significantly improving the overall operating system. Clients will benefit from the fact that CathexisVision software will make full use of all available resources from the ever improving available recording and client viewing server hardware

Text and Graphics Overlays: CathexisVision has added even greater functionality to its video overlays to display text and other information from resident and third party devices on the camera panels. Cathexis now has the ability to re-position text overlay blocks, and to change overlay sizes, text sizes, transparency and colour. We also now have the ability to overlay graphics (like active graphs for a metal detector integration or vehicle and driver images for ANPR).

Heightened Video/Audio Archive Security and Auditing: Cathexis has also increased the level of video “signing” to explicitly associate the signatures with the source. This has also provided more detail in the archive player of the video verification results. There are also some modifications to the archive password process where auditing of these new security measures has also been added.

Mobile App: Cathexis Technologies is also pleased to announce that CathexisVision now has added pre-set PTZ control and I/O control for the CatMobile application.

Camera Tamper Detection: CathexisVision 2017 comes with complete anti-tamper technology, which will notify the control room via an alarm in the event of any IP surveillance camera tampering, including: lens covering or spray painting. Clients can also include a user-defined specific action for the alarm, to which the person tampering with the devise will be unaware of. 

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