Synology introduces RackStation RS3617xs

Synology introduces RackStation RS3617xs
Synology launched RackStation RS3617xs, a robust and scalable NAS server delivering greater agility and higher efficiency to support large-scale businesses.

"Businesses today are faced with increasing storage needs" said Michael Wang, Product Manager at Synology. "RS3617xs is an enterprise NAS solution equipped with advanced technologies and comprehensive applications for large and expanding businesses to handle massive storage capacities."

Equipped with a quad-core 3.3 GHz CPU, RS3617xs delivers high performance at over 3,263 MB/s sequential throughput and 333,941 IOPS under a RAID 5 configuration with 10GbE Link Aggregation enabled. RS3617xs comes with dual PCIe slots that supports up to two 10GbE Network Interface Cards (NIC), maximizing bandwidth and meeting high performance requirements for data-intensive applications.

RS3617xs is powered by a robust Btrfs file system, bringing snapshot technology with faster point-in-time recovery of data while preventing data corruption and ensuring high levels of data integrity.

The RS3617xs is designed to meet the need for future growth. Synology's expansion units RX1217/RX1217RP offer an easy way to immediately expand up to 36 drives by providing 12 additional drive slots each. RS3617xs also provides seamless storage solutions for virtualization environments including VMware, Citrix, and Hyper-V.

RS3617xs runs on DiskStation Manager (DSM), the most advanced and intuitive operating system for network-attached storage devices that offers a wide range of applications to bring better productivity at work.

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