Dahua Technology provides temple with end-to-end surveillance

Dahua Technology provides temple with end-to-end surveillance
Dahua Technology USA, a provider of video surveillance solutions, announced that its products are now protecting people and property at Hsi Lai Temple. Located in the Hacienda Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, it is the largest Chinese temple in the United States.

The Client
An iconic landmark, Hsi Lai Temple is considered "the 7th Wonder of the Buddhist World," serving as a cultural and educational epicenter, as well as a source of enlightenment for thousands of international visitors, world leaders and dignitaries.

The video surveillance system at Hsi Lai Temple, originally installed in the late 1990s, was outdated. With fewer than 64 channels and at maximum capacity, it lacked the ability to support the high-resolution cameras and recorders that would provide more expansive coverage and superior image quality. Hsi Lai Temple officials turned to Alex Wu, CEO, Wise Star International in Irvine, California, who has been providing security integration services to the temple for many years.

The Solution
Wise Star technicians installed more than 100 Dahua video surveillance products, spanning some 15 acres of outdoor space and 100,000 square feet of indoor buildings. "First and foremost, the priority was to provide a secure environment for visitors to the Temple. We were particularly focused on the parking lot and walkways, to ensure safety for the public," said Wu. "Another concern was the ability to access playback for essential functions such as safety and video management."

The installation of four Dahua 2-Megapixel Full HD 30x Network IR PTZ Dome cameras provided a powerful solution for the large-scale Hsi Lai Temple project because they are well-suited for a public place that experiences high traffic, with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people passing through each day. The project also included roughly 75 3- and 4-Megpixel HD Ultra WDR Network Vandal-proof IR Dome Cameras which have high-functioning facial recognition capabilities that can zero in on an individual and follow them.

"Dahua offers support, quality, and peace of mind. We're confident recommending Dahua solutions and are proud to represent them." said Wu. "We're pleased to offer Hsi Lai Temple world-class Dahua solutions that allow them to provide a safe and enjoyable experience to their visitors.”

In addition to the cameras, two network video recorders were installed. These highly scalable 128-channel Super 4K network video recorders have a large capacity for future expansion, giving the facility the option to update and expand its video surveillance infrastructure to support a capacity of 200 video cameras.

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Network Cameras, Digital Video Recording

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