Luxriot Evo set to be launched at IFSEC

Luxriot Evo set to be launched at IFSEC
Luxriot Evo, Luxriot Evo S and Luxriot Evo Global, products in Luxriot’s new VMS software range, will be introduced to the public for the first time during IFSEC. The previous version of the Luxriot VMS was widely appreciated for its core. Along with retaining this tried-and-tested component, the developers have upgraded the software to a 64-bit version as well as added an even more intuitive user interface and excellent functionality.
The Luxriot Evo Global, an enterprise-level version of the software, now offers a complete surveillance ecosystem solution with an intelligent central server governance hierarchy for organizations of any scale, even when distributed across multiple sites. A fast and scalable stand-alone, multiple-server solution will continue to be available with the new Luxriot Evo S version. Additionally, a free Luxriot Evo version capable of enabling the creation of a surveillance network of up to nine cameras will be made available for download on Luxriot’s webpage.   
“Over a decade of the Luxriot team’s experience and expertise is combined in Luxriot Evo,” said Vitaly Bondarenko, the company’s official representative, when he described the new range of products. “We’ve listened to our customers, watched the trends, and kept perfecting the Luxriot software in an attempt to make a cutting-edge product to serve the changing needs of our customers today. We will be delighted to show you what it is capable of during the IFSEC International show, so please do visit.”
Having gone through this evolution process, the new Luxriot software has become one of the most comprehensive VMS solutions on the market. In its fullest version, it offers features like interactive maps linked to alarms, an advanced event and action manager, analytics tools, and video wall support. To ensure data safety, the software also offers edge recording, enabling synchronization of all data with IP device storage; archive replication; advanced system health monitoring; and failover, which will reduce the level of disruption of video surveillance recording to zero. Luxriot Evo supports over 3500 cameras and other network devices from major producers.

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