Paramount Pictures expands global operations for enhanced security

Paramount Pictures expands global operations for enhanced security
Founded in 1912 and with many successful films to its name, including “The Godfather,” “Indiana Jones,” “Transformers” and “Mission: Impossible,” Paramount Pictures is one of America’s oldest movie studios.
With 10 critical security systems including perimeter protection, fire alarm, intrusion, access control and video surveillance systems using different operating systems, the company needed a way to centrally monitor and manage incidents for improved response times and better overall protection. With these disparate systems, it took multiple operators in the command center to respond to an incident, not including the responders on the ground, which meant Paramount needed a more efficient and effective way to respond.
For the highest level of security possible, Paramount chose to invest in enterprise command center software (ECCS) by SureView Systems to consolidate all of its security and life safety systems across the globe in a simple, effective and centrally manageable security management solution. Paramount combined emergency management, emergency response and business continuity under the Business Resiliency Group to more effectively identify risks and mitigation practices, and expanded the role of its private command center beyond the monitoring of its production lots to providing 24/7 monitoring of global operations.
The SureView Immix CC enterprise platform met the company’s need for a simple, user-friendly interface that wasn’t over-complicated and didn’t require a lot of time to install, configure and learn.
The company has integrated the platform with a majority of its existing security systems, and is currently adding its emergency notification and dispatch systems. With support from SureView Systems, Paramount’s in-house IT department managed the installation, which was seamless and completed on time. Representatives from SureView were a part of the installation and training process from the beginning, and after just a couple of hours of training, users were up and running on the Immix CC platform.
Paramount’s new platform now has an intuitive operator interface, which streamlines incident management across all disparate systems within the enterprise, and helps boost the command center’s overall productivity. Paramount’s security officials can now see when alarms are activated and they are prioritized by importance.
The platform’s scripting engine also has proven extremely useful. Paramount was interested in the new command center platform that allowed security officials build custom decision trees for operators to follow to ensure a single, streamlined response to similar incidents. With a script in hand, operators can more easily and quickly respond appropriately to any incident.
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