Brickcom introduces multiple stream technology

Brickcom introduces multiple stream technology
Brickcom, an IP surveillance solution provider, is pleased to offer the latest Brickcom multiple streams technology. Multiple streams technology is one of the most important and essential technology for surveillance industry that every security company need to possess. Brickcom latest multiple stream technology allows a single camera send out multiple streams simultaneously, providing maximum 5 live views for user for different kind of applications. The development of Brickcom new multiple stream technology strongly increases the camera’s flexibility as well as adaptability.

With Brickcom multiple stream technology, users are able to optimize the video quality, bandwidth and storage space; moreover, users can enjoy the mobility that they allow to use various devices to connect with camera which is extremely convenient and always get up-to-date information. Brickcom camera embedded multiple stream technology which can connect with NVR, smart phone or other mobile devices without the need for a separate camera. Furthermore, each stream could be enabling with numerous different functions, such as region of interest (ROI) or NVR live view etc.

Brickcom multiple streams technology is supported on the Brickcom high performance and resolution camera series. 

Brickcom multiple streams technology allows users to have high surveillance performance for their respective channel requirements without affecting other streams. The technology benefits users not only the functional multitasking surveillance application but also well allocate the bandwidth to each stream to get suitable video resolution and quality. Brickcom multiple stream technology intelligently manages the streams based on the user needs and also creates adaptive streams consumable on various kinds of device and maintains the superior image quality, which provides a much more user-friendly surveillance environment that eases for everyone.
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