Eagle Eye Networks adds support for PTZ camera control

Eagle Eye Networks adds support for PTZ camera control
Eagle Eye Networks announced it has added PTZ camera support to the Eagle Eye Security Cameras Video Management System (VMS). The cameras can be controlled remotely via the Eagle Eye Viewer mobile app or web browsers.

Users can create and name stations (defined camera views) and rotating camera tours of the stations for even greater efficiency. A variety of ACTi, Axis, Bosch, Hikvision and Samsung PTZ cameras are supported.

Eagle Eye Networks' remote control for PTZ cameras is ideal for remotely monitoring large areas such as parking lots, common areas, and other central areas, allowing users to closely focus on suspicious activities or events. Users do not need to be onsite, or at a fixed station; for example a security guard can use it while walking around the site, or a site manager or owner can do so while traveling.

Intuitive, Familiar Gestures within Browsers & Mobile Apps Replace "Physical Joystick"
Users can use a web browser or mobile app to remotely control the PTZ cameras and view live and recorded video:
- The mobile app can be downloaded through the app stores.
- Eagle Eye Networks supports all modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Mozilla. The web browser access does not require a plugin.

Eagle Eye Networks has taken the functionality of the physical joystick which is traditionally used to control PTZ cameras, and mapped it into intuitive, familiar gestures specific to each client platform. For example, the mobile app controls PTZ cameras as follows:
- Center. Tapping in the camera preview will center the PTZ camera to the point where tapped.
- Adjust. Swiping up, down, right or left will fine tune the center position of the PTZ camera.
- Zoom. Double tapping with one finger will zoom in; a two-finger single tap will zoom out.

The same precise camera control is available through a web browser, using mouse clicks.

Camera Stations and Tours
Users can set up the cloud-based Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS to view live and recorded video utilizing their web browser and/or mobile app interfaces as follows:

1. Station Set up. To maximize efficiency, after centering the camera, Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS users can set that camera position and specific view as a station, assigning a name to it. By establishing a collection of preferred stations for each camera, such as doorway, window ,and desk, they minimize the need for future adjustments – saving time.

2. Default Station. The users can set a default ("home") station for the VMS to return to, following a specified idle time, such as five minutes. This feature provides a safety mechanism, so that the camera doesn't get left in a non-ideal position when someone was doing temporary exploration.

3. Station Tours. The VMS users can specify a tour of stations to loop through, in a certain order and for a designated period of time per station.

The Eagle Eye Networks Security Camera VMS automatically detects the PTZ cameras on the network and configures them. The video is recorded in the cloud and/or on premise, with the flexibility to add addition retention.
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