Nanded police succeed in safe city project with Axis

Nanded police succeed in safe city project with Axis
Nanded houses the second largest Gurudwara house of worship in India and attracts hundreds of pilgrims and tourists every day. The growing security concerns were recognized early by the Nanded Waghala City Municipal Corporation (NWCMC) & Nanded Police who were looking for an intelligent video surveillance solution for the city to address the following concerns: early warnings for preventing disasters, efficient monitoring for better governance, better traffic management and crime prevention and control. NWCMC appointed MIPL, a leading security consultancy organization from India, to assist in designing and supervising the project implementation.

The project’s first phase was focused on monitoring all critical areas of the city, including major entry and exit points, busy junctions and tourists’ attraction spots. The idea was to convert the city surveillance project into a safe city project to help the local authorities improve the overall operational efficiency and reduce manual intervention. A total of 104 high resolution, night vision, fixed and PTZ Axis cameras were installed at all strategic locations spread across the city.

The Axis surveillance solution deployed across the city of Nanded has helped the law enforcement authorities to assist the on-field police in crime tracking, directly from The Superintendent of Police headquarters’ and has enabled better governance and civic administration. The solution helps to monitor strategic places such as the Sachkhand Gurudwara, traffic signals, busy streets and other places of religious importance which are potential criminal/terrorist targets. The entire schema designed by MIPL ensured that the Axis cameras were used to route the connectivity for the PA systems as well as panic switches – leading to huge savings in cost.

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