Grundig helps secure construction sites along the $1.25 billion Eurasia tunnel

Grundig helps secure construction sites along the $1.25 billion Eurasia tunnel
The Eurasia Tunnel ranks amongst the world’s most significant engineering projects. Costing 1.25 billion US Dollars, the Eurasia tunnel connects the European and Asian sides of Istanbul under the Bosphorus Strait, a channel linking the Aegean and Black Seas. The Project is 14.6 km long, including its service roads and entrances, with a 5 km tunnel, of which 3.34 km two-story section extending below the sea bed to a depth of 106m. The tunnel is due for completion in December 2016 and construction is well under way.

The Eurasia Tunnel will provide an additional transport link between the two halves of Istanbul; reduce crossing times from 100 minutes to 15 minutes; alleviate road traffic congestion; and significantly reduce traffic-related pollution. It is located 1km south of the existing Marmaray, undersea railway tunnel, opened in October 2013.

The entire tunnel construction project is managed by YM&SK JV, a joint engineering conglomerate made up of Turkish company, Yapi Merkezi and South Korean engineering firm, SK Engineering. Yapi Merkezi has considerable expertise and experience in underground construction work and large-scale project management, with a portfolio of prestigious projects including the Dubai and İzmir Metro’s and the Antalya and Istanbul Tramways.

Integral Kurumsal Teknoloji Cozumleri (Integral) provides YM&SK JV with specialist video surveillance and security systems in its five main construction locations along the tunnel’s path. It also provides monitoring of the Tunnel Boring Machine, TBM, which has been specifically designed and manufactured for this project. The video surveillance systems protect each construction site perimeter, help with production process management and ensure staff safety at all time. Integral was chosen for its excellent reputation as an integrated technology solutions provider and for its efficient and thorough delivery of high-level and advanced projects of this type, on time and to budget.

Integral has used Grundig IP cameras to provide 24/7 surveillance of the perimeter of the five construction areas. These cover feeder roads, which are being widened at both ends; the construction of a new underpass on the European side; overpasses and a bridge on the Asian side; and toll areas at both ends.

Grundig IP PTZ cameras are also positioned centrally in each construction site, looking outwards, to allow site managers to closely follow construction progress and to ensure no activity is missed. A further four temporary cameras are positioned inside the tunnel to monitor the pump stations and two further cameras have been attached to the TBM, front and back, to monitor operation.
Ercan Tas of Integral stated, “Grundig cameras offer excellent reliability, provide high quality images and operate at night in low light conditions. It was important that all the cameras, including the PTZ’s, could withstand the harsh construction environment. Grundig is a brand we have used on other high-profile and demanding industrial applications and one we can trust. It is expected that an average of 120,000 cars and mini buses will use the tunnel each day, which should have a significant, positive impact on the environment of the city of Istanbul.”

After a period of 24 years and 5 months operation, the tunnel’s owning company will transfer the tunnel to the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

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