Hikvision Provides State-of-the-Art Video Surveillance Tools to Memphis Police

Hikvision Provides State-of-the-Art Video Surveillance Tools to Memphis Police
Hikvision has teamed up with the Memphis Police Department (MPD) to protect the residents of Memphis in Tennessee, the U.S. 
Using a variety of security solutions to prevent and reduce crime, since 2007 MPD has deployed hundreds of analog and IP cameras and dozens of recorders from Hikvision to keep the city safe. With incidents now being captured on high-quality video, MPD has noted an increase in criminal cases being taken to court. The city has also built a Real Time Crime Center where they can view live video feeds and provide critical information to officers before they arrive at a crime scene. 

The SkyCop team and MPD decided on three configurations: cameras attached to utility poles, cameras attached to buildings, and mobile trailers. To date, the police department has established a network of about 600 of Hikvision’s analog and IP bullet and dome PTZ cameras throughout the city. Building exteriors, for example, are often outfitted with the DS-2CD2032-I, a 3 MP outdoor bullet camera with a body type that allows for easy mounting. This camera also offers line crossing and intrusion detection features to make surveillance more effective. These features can send alerts to the police when someone enters or leaves a designated area. 
Hikvision’s DarkFighter PTZ camera (DS-2DF8223I-AEL) is also in use. With robust smart features such as detection of region entrance/exit and detection of audio loss, the DarkFighter thrives in challenging low-light environments and features 120 dB wide dynamic range as well as a sharp 23x optical zoom lens with autofocus. These elements help to provide crystal-clear color images day and night — making the DarkFighter ideal for 24-hour surveillance applications.

The footage from these cameras, which are placed at strategic points around Memphis, flows back to the MPD Real Time Crime Center (RTCC). The RTCC is used to enhance security for city assets and infrastructure and has become a sophisticated way for the city to fight crime.

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