Suprema set to debut Biostation A2 fingerprint IP terminal

Suprema set to debut Biostation A2 fingerprint IP terminal
Suprema, a leader in biometrics and ID Solution is set to debut its new fingerprint IP terminal, BioStation A2, along with its new security platform BioStar 2 with updates on comprehensive time and attendance features at Intersec 2016 Dubai.

BioStation A2 blends form and function with industry leading design and features. The terminal incorporates high quality materials such as glass and new gold color finish for premium look and feel. The highlight of the features centers on its identification performance.

The BioStation A2 features quad-core CPU for the first time among Suprema terminals. The terminal can match up to 150,000 fingerprints per second. Along with increased 8GB memory, BioStation A2 can store up to 500,000 users and provides instant results with minimal lag time.

BioStation A2 combines enhanced fingerprint algorithm, new fingerprint sensor, and live finger detection technology to improve security. The new enhanced algorithm is more accurate than ever and significantly reduces false rejection rates even in conditions that are not ideal for fingerprint capture. It compensates for unsatisfactory fingerprint captures such as direct sunlight conditions or distorted finger images. BioStation 2 also features new live finger detection technology with improved algorithm and optical technique that effectively eliminates possible fraud using various materials of fake fingers.

BioStar 2.2 is the second major update since its release in early 2015. The previous release was focused on extending the development capability of the platform and was co-released with four additional solutions: BioStar 2 Mobile, BioStar 2 Cloud, BioStar 2 API and BioStar 2 Device SDK. 2.2 update is focused on extending the usability and features of the platform by implementing additional access control and time attendance functionality. The mobile solution also incorporates TA features from its previous iteration.

"We are very pleased to announce our latest innovation at such a prestige event," said Young Moon, VP of Suprema. "The long list of innovation included in BioStation A2 makes the device the most impressive biometric device ever released from Suprema. Along with its premium design and feel, we are confident it will establish itself in the premium market."

Both products are set for global release in the upcoming month. BioStation A2 is set to be released globally on January 2016 and BioStar 2.2 will be launched in February 2016.

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