Lantech's IPES-3208CB-4 PoE switch spec correction notice

Lantech's IPES-3208CB-4  PoE switch spec correction notice
Lantech would like to notify that model IPES-3208CB is an industrial managed PoE switch that supports 4-port PoE at/af mode B and has been renamed as IPES-3208CB-4. The IPES-32008CB-4 has been changed to build-to-order model with minimum order quantity of 100 pcs.

8 10/100TX + 2 10/100/1000T/dual speed SFP combo L2+ with 4 PoE mode b industrial managed switch with enhanced G.8032 ring
  • Support 4 x passive PoE mode b
  • PoE management including detection and scheduling
  • Single G.8032 ring protection < 20ms with auto configuration
  • Miss-wiring avoidance and repowered auto ring restore (node failure protection)
  • User friendly UI, including auto topology drawing and DDM threshold monitoring with dB values (with DDM SFP); complete CLI
  • Support LACP link aggregation, IGMP v3/router port, DHCP server and client, SSH/SSL, HTTPS, ACL, IPv6, SMS
  • Optional environmental monitoring for temperature, voltage, and current
  • USB slot for edited restoration and auto backup

Product Adopted:
Digital Transmission

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