Nedap trials BIM in the United Kingdom

Nedap trials BIM in the United Kingdom
Nedap Security started a trial on Building Information Modeling (BIM) with a key group of UK consultants. BIM is a way of working to increase productivity in the building industry. It’s changing the way buildings, infrastructure and utilities are planned, designed, built and managed.

Ross Bale, Security Specialist at Nedap, says, “The building industry has been under pressure for years. To reduce the risk of errors, it’s crucial for architects, planners, consultants, integrators and contractors to work together more effectively. BIM increases effectiveness, by allowing them to visualize the building in a digital prototype and analyze risks before the building even started. Nedap contributes to this way of working by trialing a level 2 BIM compliant library for access control. It is currently being tested by a key group of UK consultants."

"We will actively work with their feedback to improve our BIM library. When it works correctly, we will launch it in the rest of Europe in 2016, to support building partners in working together more effectively.”

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