Dahua safeguards public transport in Mexico

Dahua safeguards public transport in Mexico
Dahua Technology, a global manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China secured more than 5,000 buses in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Guadalajara is Mexico's fourth most populous municipality and is reported to be challenged by crime including: robberies, assaults, car thefts, etc. Mass transit is generally considered unsafe. Purse-snatching and armed robberies have been common on buses. Drivers sometimes illegally put the bus fare in their own pockets.

The new system will also have to address traffic accidents which have remained untracked without security cameras. Thus, to reduce serious crimes that continued to take place on buses, transport regulations required security cameras are required to be installed on all buses starting in 2014.

Dahua provided more than 1,250 pieces of security equipment for over 5,000 buses. Mobile dome cameras featuring 3.6 mm fixed lens (2.8mm optional) were installed beside the driver's seat, in the middle of the bus and at the rear, monitoring all the areas inside the bus. Meanwhile, a 4-channel mobile standalone DVR were set at the middle-front section of the bus, which supports SXGA real-time live view and full channel synchronous real-time playback. It helps record traffic from the front and two sides outside the bus.

With the use of these specialized cameras, DVRs, and software platforms, high solution videos can be captured both inside and outside the city buses while traffic conditions can be detected in advance to avoid accidents.

Dahua also enabled live video and access to video storage in low-bandwidth conditions. The solution can use 3G to deliver this access to evidence when an emergency occurs. The solution also provided other extended functions, such as people counting, bus route management, etc.

"It's a great honor to cooperate with a local agent company and system integrator in such a project," said William Zhou, Sales Director of Latin-America at Dahua Technology. "We are proud to provide value-added products and service to our clients, and to make an effort in securing the safety of people and assets in Guadalajara. With Dahua's outstanding products and proven mobile solution, I know there will be chances for more cooperation within Mexico."

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