3S Pocketnet works closely with Unitech and BGIC

3S Pocketnet works closely with Unitech and BGIC
Unitech Computer Corporation officially became a distributor of 3S Pocketnet in Taiwan on October 15 2015, the same time, BGIC Information also became a direct system integrator of 3S Pocketnet.

3S Pocketnet is starting to expand in video surveillance market in Taiwan by work closely with Unitech and BGIC.

3S Poketnet based on an IT architecture expertise and Netcom specializes in complex systems, network infrastructure to fulfill those requirements such as multi-location and multi-building project. By work with Unitech and BGIC, no matter it is a small or large retail chain stores even city surveillance, 3S already has the ability to integrate a wide range of IoT equipment and provides the most complete IP video surveillance solution to its users.

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