STANLEY Insights business intelligence solution delivers analytics, visibility

STANLEY Insights business intelligence solution delivers analytics, visibility
STANLEY Security, a global manufacturer and integrator of comprehensive security solutions for a wide range of industries, unveils its new STANLEY Insights professional services and analytics solutions software, a solution and consultancy program with the ability to correlate data streams, analyze trends and measure business activities and operations – ultimately utilizing analytics to help optimize business performance.

"Businesses are asking for real-time information and analytics to help them achieve their goals. Often, they have the ability to collect data but no way to study it or draw meaningful information from it. To that end, we are focusing on building a team of highly specialized experts who will leverage data to solve problems," said Jim Cannon, President, STANLEY Security.

STANLEY Insights is comprised of two key elements – a new STANLEY insights professional services team and analytics solutions software.

STANLEY Insights professional services team
Dave Bhattacharjee, Vice President, Data Analytics, will lead a team of data scientists and business consultants who will provide a broad range of analytics-based services to improve business operations. For each customer, the group will compile an analytics assessment, leveraging the STANLEY Insights methodology and unique data streams to correlate, analyze and measure business performance and activities. The team will then create a business case template and customize models to help customers anticipate trends, behaviors and profitability impact to drive results.

STANLEY Insights analytics solutions software
STANLEY Insights Analytics Solutions Software is designed to compile data from multiple, disparate systems – including video analytics, intrusion, POS, EAS, weather platforms and others – onto an easy-to-use dashboard to report on key metrics for a business, creating actionable business intelligence across their locations. It provides users with a straightforward, visual snapshot of their businesses via cloud or on premise software solutions. The dashboard leverages distinct icons, graphs and color-grouped images to increase the user's ability to interpret extensive data streams with customizable reports and interfaces.

STANLEY is currently developing different vertical markets-based versions of the overall STANLEY Insights program. The first market to launch in the coming weeks will be targeted towards providing business analytics specifically for retailers.

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