Siklu's millimeter wave technology to transmit security video

Siklu's millimeter wave technology to transmit security video
Siklu, a company focused in millimeter-wave technology, has been selected to provide wireless connectivity for a car deck project contracted by the Wilkes-Barre Police Department. Siklu’s tiny, interference-free Gigabit radio, EH-600T, is helping to provide seamless monitoring from cameras installed in various parking garages.

Precision Integrators and Platinum Networks partnered to execute the project implementation. The project will be deployed in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, which is the city with the most cameras per capita in America.

Ricardo Turcios, Operations Manager, Precision Integrators LLC, understood that the ideal solution for securing the city’s parking decks would need to be license-free, and also have a narrow beam-width to enable link collocation and interference mitigation. “After being presented with the Siklu Millimeter Wave (mmW) solution, I was delighted to discover that Siklu’s EtherHaul 600T delivers the above, and also supports Gigabit throughput in one single tiny package.”

Selected Project Contractors:
  • Siklu Communications – providing EH-600T for wireless connectivity
  • Precision Integrators LLC – providing wireless connectivity design, installation and integration
  • Platinum Networks – providing general contracting services

The selected parking garages were upgraded to DVTel’s 4K cameras, as these are much more bandwidth-intensive than their predecessors. The northern garage previously used a 5GHz system to backhaul the video to the control center and results were marginal, at best. With the new link using the asymmetric function, 750Mbps is delivered from the garage to the archiver and a 250Mbps connection to the cameras enable ultra-fast, reliable viewing for investigatory purposes.

“Siklu was pleased to work with Precision Integrators on this security project, and look forward to working with Ricardo Turcios and his team on future projects. We were impressed with the professionalism of Precision Integrators, who deployed the CCTV connectivity solution within a few hours,” said Danny BenSimhon, Product and Solution Marketing Manager, Siklu Communication.

“We are involved in many security projects currently in the New York City metro area and are excited to deploy more solutions from Siklu as they are perfect for this landscape,” Turcios added.

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