Morpho's biometric terminals installed in Turkish police stations

Morpho's biometric terminals installed in Turkish police stations

Morpho (Safran), through its local partner Olcsan, has announced that it has supplied biometric fingerprint identification terminals to nine Turkish police stations, in the city of Konya, to control people under probation. The project is expected to be later expanded across the country.

Thanks to MorphoAccess SIGMA fingerprint terminals, authorities can authenticate with complete accuracy the identity of these individuals. Previously, the inmates released under probation had to give wet signature, an unreliable process that was subject to possible fraud and complaints.

The complete system, in operation since the beginning of May, is based on fingerprint recognition technology. During the registration phase, the probationer's fingerprints are captured using a MorphoSmart 1300 sensor. The inmates released under probation who were obliged to give wet signature will now go to police stations and have their fingerprints verified by Olcsan’s K!M pozitif Biometric Identification Management System using MorphoAccess SIGMA terminals. Thus, control is made electronically, without the need for policeman supervision. The MorphoAccess SIGMA terminals can also display on their screen specific messages to the probationer as soon as he is identified (e.g. to inform him about his next appointment within a rehabilitation program).

The “Probation Tracking Project,” called DESTAP (Denetimli Serbestlik Takip Projesi) in Turkish, is currently used successfully in nine selected police stations in Konya. It was deployed with the contribution of Konya Police Department, under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice.

A press conference to launch the project took place in May in the Courthouse of Konya in the presence of the Governor of Konya, Muammer Erol, the President of Regional Administrative Court, Kemal Kuku, and the President of the Justice Commission Nuri Kocer.

More Morpho terminals will be deployed soon in other districts of Konya located in the center/south of Turkey: Kulu, Cihanbeyli, Kadınhanı and Çumra. DESTAP in Konya is a pilot project.

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