Military police of Salvador da Bahia deployed SCATI on-board video system on patrols

Military police of Salvador da Bahia deployed SCATI on-board video system on patrols

On the occasion of the FIFA 2014 World Cup, the Secretaria da Segurança Publica do Estado da Bahia (Public Security Bureau) decided to create an Integrated Emergency Management Centre (IEMC) in Salvador da Bahia, which includes radio communications and video surveillance systems. This centre employs 70 operators and manages 200 Police patrols, which makes it one of the most important emergency management centres in South America.

These 200 patrols have two cameras available to record the inside and outside of the patrol car along with a system integrating communications and video recording and transmission in a single device which is adapted to the specific conditions of an on-board system. A single interface is used for video and communications management, accessed through an on-board touch screen.

The most vital challenge of this project is real-time video transmission from the patrols to the IEMC over a 3G network which, due to the movement of the vehicles, offers a narrow and variable bandwidth.

Another key aspect is the integration between the communications and video technologies in both the on-board application and the IEMC. This integration simplifies system operation and provides improved efficiency and increased capabilities.

The SCATI technical staff selected 2 SCATI EYE On-Board Mini-dome cameras for each vehicle with the key specifications to provide high-quality video in this environment. These cameras comply with the EN-50155 standard on vibration resistance and their ruggedised design includes IP66 and IK08 protection and PoE power supply, which simplifies the installation.

Each vehicle has an on-board ruggedised video recorder, which includes a GPS module, a TETRA transceiver, a 3G module and a Wi-Fi module, forming an integral vehicle solution for video surveillance and communications. SCATI VISION OnBoard and the MVC-6000 vehicle console are installed on this unique compact hardware platform, providing a significant cost, space and installation-time reduction.

SCATI VISION On-Board recording software can be managed remotely from the IEMC with the suite of SCATI applications, or locally by the police agents via the touch screen installed in the patrol vehicles. SCATI CAR offers the agents access to realtime video not only from the vehicle's own cameras but also from the cameras in other vehicles.

SCATI CAR also offers the option of manually marking the recordings, capturing snapshots or increasing the quality of the recording, plus the possibility to access and download the recorded video to a USB storage device. SCATI CAR is embedded in the interface of the vehicle console, providing the possibility to manage all kinds of communications, remotely access the databases, browse the Internet and monitor the video feed from a single interface.

The state-of-the-art SCATI LINKER application prioritises and combines video requests to utilize the available bandwidth more efficiently in order to optimise video access in emergency situations, in which several vehicles and IEMC operators are all trying to access the same video.

SCATI WATCHER workstations are installed in the IEMC in order to manage on-board video recorders remotely, search video footage, monitor real-time video and perform all kinds of management operations. The SCATI ROUND automatic maintenance application remotely monitors the status of the on-board recorders and performs mass operations, such as software or configuration updates, over the entire installed plant.

Operators can also access the video from the Communications System applications thanks to the tight integration between both systems. The operators can check the recorded video and access the real-time feed from the vehicles via an interactive map. Additionally, they can quickly access the video contents associated with geo-located calls and pop-up windows with video associated with alarms, and they can send video from other vehicles to the units.

The full integration between SCATI VISION video recording software with SCATI CAR on-board user interface and the communications management vehicle console enables both technologies to function on the same hardware unit and provides access to them via a single interface. This considerably simplifies police agents' tasks and reduces the costs and time spent by system administrators.

The implementation of video in the applications of the communications Control Centre enables better fleet coordination thanks to real-time video, as the IEMC can give more specific instructions to the units.

And lastly, the system installed by SCATI has satisfactorily solved the critical aspect of the project: real-time video service over a narrow bandwidth network. The powerful SCATI LINKER application has provided optimum performance managing the variable bandwidth of the network, streaming video effectively in response to as many client requests as needed.

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