Suprema provides biometrics access control solution to hotel in Spain

Suprema provides biometrics access control solution to hotel in Spain

The Customer
The Alma Hotel in Pamplona is a luxury boutique hotel located in city of Pamplona which is famous of its internationally well-known San FeminFestival. The hotel has been opened just before the start of the 2010 San FeminFestival and it features latest high tech equipment and amenities in guest rooms, public areas and various hotel facilities.

The management also decided to implement cutting-edge biometric access control in each guest rooms and around the property to increase intelligence and efficiency in hotel operation by introduction of real time monitoring on facilities and staff available.

Precision Consulting in Spain, designed, planned and executed the Alma Hotel project. Suprema'slatest IP-based biometric access control system has been installed throughout the hotel including guest facilities (such as rooms, spa, parking, restaurants and bar), staff facilities and payment systems. The system also features real-time staff monitoring and housekeeping management. In addition, the client set strict requirements on its access control system for both operational and design aspects. The Suprema BioEntry Plus EM devices were installed to rooms, public areas and staff's access points, and BioStation fingerprint terminals were selected for time attendance control for staffs. Overall system was to be controlled by Suprema's BioStar IP-based distributed access control system software.

The installation of BioEntry Plus was well integrated with hotel's interior design concept and also enabled easy maintenance. The system also allows users to choose between fingerprint and RF card for their authentication. Suprema's system provided variety of RF cards, fingerprint and PIN access.

The Solution
80 units of BioEntry Plus have been installed over the Hotel Alma Pamplona. BioEntry Plus have been installed on all 60 guest rooms and other facilities such as entrances, spa, parking ramps, warehouses and 2 units in reception for registration.

The devices installed at the reception are to guide check-in guests to register on the same device to be found in rooms and other access points throughout the hotel.

BioStar software was set and configured to control the entire access control system as well as time attendance management for the hotel's employees.

Each access control devices were connected into TCP/IP network and connected to AC switch with their own relays. This minimizes possibilities of system crash and communication failure by isolating problems to each connection points.

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