GKB launches 800 TVL Effio-V analog cameras

GKB launches 800 TVL Effio-V analog cameras

GKB launched seven new 800 TVL cameras: GKB 3818, 3518, 5418, 1318, 6018, 4218, 6918, and 2718. These cameras are designed with Sony's latest Effio-V sensor. The Sony Effio-V technology is able to capture the accurate color picture in the extremely bright as well as dark environments. This innovation technology helps cameras easier to identify objects in challenging lighting situations, such as tunnel, parking lots, and entrance of commercial building.


Outstanding Performance in the Challenge Light Conditions
“Being able to identify object in the dark is a huge advantage when securing your property and protecting your people,” said Jim Lin, senior R&D manager at GKB. The Effio-V cameras' 3D-DNR is able to reach the minimum of object-blurred while the object is moving at low light condition. In addition, the Effio-V cameras provide the Real WDR function, which display double shutter image and intelligent image processing for improving visibility under extreme high contrast conditions.

Diverse Situational Mode Options for Easy Setting up
GKB's Effio-V cameras offer several automation scenes such as indoor, outdoor, extreme backlight, and ITS (intelligent transportation system) options for efficient and easy-to-installation. Besides, the camera supports UTC Controller (Up the Cable), allowing you to easily control the Effio-V cameras' OSD menu from the remote DVR.

GKB provides the full line-up of its new Effio-V Analog Series cameras, available in indoor dome, vandal dome, and outdoor vandal bullet versions.

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