MarketsandMarkets: Casino management systems market projected to $4.5B by 2018

MarketsandMarkets: Casino management systems market projected to $4.5B by 2018
As per a new research study from MarketsandMarkets, the global market for Casino Management Systems is expected to grow from $2.21 billion in 2013 to $4.53 billion in 2018, at a CAGR of 15.4% during this forecast period.

Today IT solutions and systems have become an integral part of all the industries. Casinos are not an exemption. Number of deployments of management systems, databases, analytical tools, and security and surveillance solution and systems are directly proportionate with number of casinos. As the number of casinos rises, numbers of deployments will also increases.

Post recession casinos are now again observing growth in revenues across the globe. Still some of the casinos are posting lesser revenues but overall casino market has shown significant rise in revenues strived from new developing regions/markets. New geographical markets such as APAC and MEA have shown promising future for casinos.

Casinos are getting more attraction as these are not a place only for gambling any more but more like amusement parks. Social acceptance of casinos has been increased in recent years. Growing international tourism is another significant factor which helps other geographic markets other than North America and Europe to generate more revenues. All these factors lead to the establishment of new casinos across the globe and hence also increase the number of deployments of software solution and systems.

Basic requirements of a casino are to manage its large databases, storing data in those databases, analysis of that data on requirement, and a safe and secure environment in casinos. Casinos' revenue generating abilities depends on customer retention rather than new customer acquisition. That is why casinos require knowing all the information about their visitors and these management systems, analytical tools come into the picture.

This report “Casino Management Systems (CMS) Market [Management Systems, Analytics, Security and Surveillance (Video Surveillance, Access Control, Alarm Systems)] - Global Advancements, Worldwide Market Forecasts & Analysis (2013-2018)”, defines and segments the global Casino Management Systems markets across various sub-segments and regions. In this report, MarketsandMarkets also identifies the drivers and the restrains for this market with insights on the trends, opportunities, and challenges.

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