Aimetis strengthens Moroccan casino surveillance system

Aimetis strengthens Moroccan casino surveillance system

Casinos present CCTV manufacturers and integrators with some of the sternest challenges of any sector. The venues demand exceptional optical performance with widely varying fields of view needed from cameras operating under divergent lighting conditions across card tables, roulette wheels and gaming machines. Footage must be of a quality that will satisfy evidential demands from the venue, the judiciary and regulatory authorities, with disputes that can run to thousands of dollars depending on many factors. Security is paramount in these locations and demands are equally as high.

Current analog cameras could not perform to the standard that the Casino was required to achieve. The need to cover all 17 of the Atlantic Palace gaming tables at high frame rates throughout operational hours produces enormous RAID demands and the dome units optimise storage requirements by utilizing H.264 dual stream real-time compression. Also, a platform that can support multi- screen preview and playback as a high-definition preview is crucial in gaming environments where pit bosses must strive to keep play continuous and resolve disputes promptly. An IP network which could function with minimal transmission delay using IP keyboards was high on the client's requirements together with smooth pan/tilt/zoom functionality that was also free of time lag. With all these challenges concerned, Aimetis succssed in delivering the surveillance solution that fully satisfied the needs.

The system was implemented by Moroccan integrator CST Centre Securite et Traitement.The speed domes being used are feature-rich, and their compact dimensions contribute to covert surveillance that represents minimal distraction for visitors.

This is a best-of-breed solution. The end-user demanded full frame rate and constant video analysis since a single skipped frame can determine the outcome of a claim against the casino or expose fraudulent activity.”-- Ms BenBrahim Wassima / Director, CST

The Casino is now benefiting from instant playback at high resolution which is vital for prompt resolution of disputes and protection of revenue. Casinos must assess many aspects of visitor behavior, guarding against sleight of hand, substitution of dice, theft of chips and inappropriate card counting. This was not achievable with the previous system and has now been able to thwart potential criminal activity.

Comments from pit bosses at the Atlantic Palace suggest that return on investment (ROI) from the new system has been almost immediate. It should be remembered that a table is usually shut down while management reviews disputes, so the disruption associated with examining footage must be minimized, with search, playback and analysis being streamlined.

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