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Intelligent RIVA cameras support adaptive traffic control in Yugoslavia

Intelligent RIVA cameras support adaptive traffic control in Yugoslavia

Adaptive traffic control is nowadays a worldwide often used instrument to manage the constantly increasing traffic. At that, traffic signals like traffic light systems are adjusted to the actual traffic demand. Thus, traffic flows are significantly improved, especially during rush hours. Furthermore, long waiting periods in the middle of the night at an empty crossroad because of a red traffic light belong to the past.

There are several technologies to implement adaptive traffic control. RIVA cameras with intelligent video analytics offer the advantage that in contrast to inductive loops, which were often used in the past, no complex construction works are necessary for the installation because the IP cameras are simply mounted on the poles of the traffic lights. Furthermore, the video analytics from RIVA can be installed quickly and easily. As a result, the system is directly ready to use without spending highs costs and time. In addition, the video analytics, which is integrated in RIVA cameras, is easy to use and highly reliable.

For the adaptive traffic control in Serbia several RIVA RC6802HD Mini-Bullet cameras are used. These RIVA cameras are suited for indoor and outdoor as well as day and night usage. Each camera includes eight built-in high power IR LED illuminators with an illumination distance up to 10m. The infrared light is automatically adjusted according to the brightness of the scene. A frame rate of up to 30 fps at a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels (Full-HD) is achieved. Moreover, the Mini-Bullet cameras offer features like a micro SD card slot for local recording, dual video stream, ONVIF-compatibility, PoE, D-WDR and a lot more. Like in all RIVA devices the standard version of the intelligent video analytics, powered by VCA Technology, is integrated in the RC6802 as a standard feature at no extra cost. Additionally the cameras were equipped with the presence and dwell filter for this project.

Mounting and installation of the RIVA cameras was made by the company SELMA. Founded in 1989 in Subotica, it was one of the first private companies in Yugoslavia. The company is nationally and internationally well known for traffic control systems. SELMA offers its customers complete solutions – from planning, over implementation up to services. The product program includes traffic lights devices, traffic photo equipment, mobile semaphores, work light signalization, parking systems, speed measurements and other road signalization.

After the installation of the intelligent cameras the traffic flow could be significantly improved. With the RIVA cameras and the special analytic filters, incoming objects can be detected without any problems. The video analytics differentiates between cars, motorcycles, bicycles and persons. Furthermore, the waiting time at the crossroads and the travel direction of moving vehicles is recognized.

If a predefined number of vehicles queue at a traffic light, it can be switched directly from red to green. If vehicles queue too long and have to wait several traffic light phases to cross the road, the traffic light can be switched as well. Because data is transmitted in real-time the direct adjustment of all traffic lights to the actual traffic demand is no problem.

Beside the improvement of traffic flows, adaptive traffic control offers many other advantages. Reduced waiting periods and less frequent stops at traffic lights significantly reduce the environmental impact, as Co2 emission and energy consumption decrease. Also the noise level comes down due to the avoidance of constantly start-ups and slow-downs. In addition, huge amounts of costs are saved. Not only drivers can reduce their fuel costs also logistic companies can work more efficiently due to reduced driving times and reduced fuel costs.

If pedestrian traffic lights are driven adaptively as well, it was shown that the number of road accidents decreased significantly. Because pedestrians who have to wait a long period of time at a red traffic light tend to ignore it, which leads to many road accidents with other road users.

Beside the direct adjustment of the traffic lights the video analytics can be used to collect data about the daily traffic. These data can be used for longtime analytics. The results of these analytics can help with town planning, to determine speed limits or to create statistics. Also relationships and dependencies of traffic flows with other factors like weather, holidays or special events can be analyzed. All the data collected by the video analytics help to optimize the worldwide constantly increasing traffic.

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