huperLab bolsters highway surveillance with huperVision

huperLab bolsters highway surveillance with huperVision

How to acheive excellent surveillance for speeding vehicles and car plate recognition has been a tough conundrum for system operators. To deliver high quality video and efficient plate recognition simultaneously, among high traffic flow 24hrs every day, the surveillance system of the highway that accesses to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport decides to use Orbit's LPR (License Plate Recognition) technology, a cutting edge technology that is based on intelligent huperVision video surveillance platform from huperLab.

As the awareness of highway stolen cars is increasing, the management center urgently needs a complete set of surveillance system to both monitor large traffic flow and read car plates at high speed. With traditional methods, an officer needs to enter the plate numbers into a patrol vehicle system and waits for the computer system to return match results. In this way, the system can only work on a check of one vehicle at a time, that is, it costs more time and workforce during a slow process.

Thanks to technology development, advanced LPR and surveillance system integration is capable of detecting thousands of license plates when high-speed vehicles pass by the detection area. Based on huperVision video surveillance platform, the system can continuously capture passing car license plates with high quality videos. Moreover, the data is recorded into video database as well. On the back-end operation, Orbit's CarReader LPR system enables to recognize plate numbers from the input videos for monitoring up to 20 car plate videos simultaneously.

“The huperVision surveillance platform allows us to develop Orbit's LPR system more fast and stably. Based on huperVision 4604U DVR card, with real-time 60 fps /sec display and recording speed, it can easily meet the demands of high speed LPR application. Besides, the great integration enhances its product features to not only provide advanced LPR features but intelligent video surveillance system for double benefits,” said Marvin Chen, Chief Technology Officer of Orbit Technology.

The huperVision ultra real-time 4600U series DVR card features high video quality of 4 video streams to capture, record and playback simultaneously with 60fps/sec. performance. For high-end LPR applications, it is capable of detecting and capturing plate numbers for up to 120 km/h vehicle speed, as well as remarkably improving the performance of efficiency and accuracy. The high performance DVR card can also be used in casinos, where requires high level of image details surveillance in minutes, fully prevent from cheating incidents.

Most of all, the video of passing car plates captured by huperVision surveillance system will be saved with precise time codes in the database and further transmit the data to the back-end LPR proceeding. When searching for specific plate numbers, the officer can check the plate numbers that are linked with stolen suspicion over the database. If any car plates match occurs, retrieved videos enable to watch and playback through huperVision recorder player program.

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