Tips for choosing a video door phone system

Tips for choosing a video door phone system

Demand for video door phone systems has built up over the years due to the increased convenience and security it offers. With the continuous evolution of smart buildings and smart homes, video door phones has increasingly digitized to integrate with other systems. However, users do not fully understand what a digital door phone system offers or how to choose a product whose features match their needs, many users do not even know what their needs are.

Secutech recommends the following six key points when purchasing a video door phone system.

Is it digital?
A video door phone system is one of the key components in the “smart home” concept. The video door phone must be digital in order to integrate with other systems in a smart home; advanced features may even require an Internet connection.

A digital video door phone system must have the following attributes: video compression, audio processing and network transmission. Video and audio must be compressed to minimize bandwidth usage and latency; they must also be based on industry standards to ensure compatibility.

One clear indicator to determine whether a video door phone is digital is with an RJ45 connector: if it has one, it is likely that the video door phone is digital, as analogs do not need to transfer data over an ethernet. Another indicator is whether it has a network settings interface.

Is it visually appealing?
Since video door phones are an integral part of a user's everyday life, it should be visually appealing. Aside from good looks, a video door phone should also be have an ergonomic design and a user-friendly inter-face.

How durable is it?
Buyers should be certain if the video door phone is built with impact-resistant materials. The core function of a video door phones is security, so it must be durable enough to withstand a certain level of vandalism. It would be a good idea to check its IP ratings and see if it can handle the weather in its intended region.

Does the manufacturer have a good reputation?
Although brand reputation does not necessarily represent a product's quality or reliability, it is likely that a brand with a number of credentials would produces reliable products. Most video door phones are made in China, Italy and Japan; in addition to technology and quality, buyers looking for suitable video door phones should also factor in brand reputation to avoid any misfortunates.

Does it integrate well with other systems?
Aside from basic features like making video calls and unlocking doors, a video door phone has the potential to integrate video surveillance, alarms, access control and other systems in a smart home. Buyers should check its compatibility with other systems, as well as which standards it supports.

Have you tested it?
Above all, the basic features of a video door phone—video calling and intercom—should perform well. Before any purchase, buyers should test the system for clear video and audio and evaluate signal-to-noise ratio, distortion and other factors that affect video and audio quality.

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