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Axis cams integrated with X-ray scanners secure Korean airport customs

Axis cams integrated with X-ray scanners secure Korean airport customs

Gimhae Customs, located in Gangseo-gu, Busan, has jurisdiction over Gimhae International Airport, the gateway to Korea's southwestern area which handles an average of 75 airplanes, including Korean Air and Japan Airlines, carries 9500 passengers.

Gimhae Customs imports repair parts, communication devices and marine engines, small quantities of urgently needed samples and advertising items, exporting agricultural and marine products. The nature of the air cargo needs to be handled efficiently and rapidly while blocking the inflow of illegal items.

Separate reading rooms are used for each of the 4 X-ray scanners without surveillance cameras caused difficulty for workforce management, with no separate monitoring system, leading to frequent disputes about lost and damaged items. To resolve these problems and proactively respond to changes in environment of the airport, Gimhae Customs introduced a suitable monitoring system to enhance surveillance competency

Gimhae Customs wanted a solution to minimize civil complaints and enhance speed and accuracy of monitoring and tracking, Gimhae Airport surveillance system is using Axis P5534 and Axis P3304 for capability of smoothly interfacing for more unified operations while providing high-definition video surveillance for clear and intuitive monitoring. The International Arrival Hall's special environment and low ceiling height, a camera with ability to monitor a wide area is required for each carousel.

Axis partner Darwin System used high-definition network cameras and built an effective system capable of monitoring all processes from check-in to check-out with a minimum number of cameras. The company selected and installed Axis P5544, which supports the panoramic function, at the International Arrival Hall; and maximized monitoring efficiency of the CIQ area.

Gimhae Customs introduced the network surveillance system based on Axis P3304, Axis P5534 and Axis P5544, and effectively solved the problems of workforce management, monitoring and tracking. The X-ray scanner for checked bags ensures accurate reading and speedy monitoring and tracking. Checked bags can now be monitored as they move along their route, which has reduced civil complaints and improved the overall customer service. The system's simplified configuration has reduced management points and maintenance load while boosting monitoring system efficiency.

Efficient workforce management maximizes surveillance capabilities
Gimhae Customs has introduced the Axis network camera and integrated it with the existing X-ray scanners for checked bags into one location. This has allowed the client to manage its workforce more efficiently and enhance its monitoring capabilities through the “Choose and Focus” function.

The integrated X-ray reading room has allowed Gimhae Custom's management to divide the workforce into teams of two, and the accuracy of reading and individuals' reading capabilities have been significantly improved. Since the reading staff has been grouped into teams, their level of fatigue has been reduced, and they can concentrate and read multiple X-ray scans at all times.

Panoramic function improves surveillance/tracking
Gimhae Customs installed Axis P5544 Network Cameras with panoramic function in each carousel to monitor the CIQ customs, immigration and quarantine area that passengers must go through when departing or arriving. The client used Axis cameras to build a monitoring system optimized for international wing's low ceiling height, and can now accurately track and monitor customers as they claim their baggage because of Axis P3304 and Axis P5544 enable the integrated X-ray reading room to monitor all processes from check-in of carry-on bags and checked bags to their check-out, system management is more unified in terms of reading staff and quality.

After the introduction of Axis cameras, all stages from Check-in of checked bags to their check-out are carefully recorded, resulting in disputes with travelers about lost or damaged bags can be smoothly resolved. The high-definition network cameras allow the entire route to be monitored for abnormal cargo. It is much easier to identify risks and monitor movement during incidents.

Simplified system configuration reduces management points
Gimhae Customs used Axis cameras to build the network video system. This secures high-definition video of outstanding quality, and also simplifies the system configuration to minimize management points. The network system saved space in the equipment room and reduced energy consumption. The burden of maintenance due to the complicated structure of the analog infrastructure (MATRIX, SDU, screen divider, character generator, etc) has been eliminated.

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