Navtech Radar AdvanceGuard Wide Area Solution implemented at Spanish Airport

Navtech Radar AdvanceGuard Wide Area Solution implemented at Spanish Airport

Valencia Airport in Spain has become one of the latest European Airports to conform with new EU Regulations (EC 300/2008) stipulating that measures for perimeter intrusion must be in place by 2015. Working with Systems Integrators: Infoglobal and Ingloba Seguridad, Navtech Radar implemented their AdvanceGuard AGS1600 wide area surveillance solution. Supplied by CCTV Center Spain S.L. - Navtech Radar's distributor in Spain, the new solution was commissioned in May 2013.

Project Manager for Equipment & Facilities in the Operations, Security and Services Directorate, Fernando Garcia Rodrigues, Valencia Airport mentioned a number of issues they wanted to address with the new wide area surveillance solution. These issues involving:
The detect intrusions to the airport area.

Follow intruders once inside the airport.

Avoiding expensive civil work.

Minimize communication and power costs.

same alarm rate and response in any weather or light conditions.

Present a friendly and easy-to-use system for the operators.

Infoglobal and Ingloba Seguridad, the system integrators for this project, were asked to ensure that the solution would be in accordance with the new EU legislation (EC 300/2008). Thus, a solution with a very low false alarm rate was created, one with the ability to distinguish between ‘friend' and ‘intruder' by means of speed and direction, in the case of the latter, follow the intruder – which makes it much easier, and faster, to direct the intercepting security patrols.”

Keith Chapman, Head of Global Sales at Navtech Radar, comments “Valencia Airport is a very good example of how Navtech Radar's AdvanceGuard solution combined with the sophisticated backend software suite Witness, provides airports with very vigilant wide area surveillance. In this case, the radars also control PTZ cameras with embedded optical and thermal technologies. The cameras can further be controlled manually from the onsite control room.

Using Sentinel, the intuitive on-screen interface offered by witness, users can draw detection zones, and change them as appropriate. At the simplest level, this can replace physical barriers with ‘virtual gates' that allow unrestricted movement that enable users to monitor and, if necessary, change their status for tracks identified. With virtually no limit to the complexity of the rules that can be applied in Witness, a level of pseudo-intelligent monitoring can be introduced that closely mimics a human observer.”

The Navtech Solution is able to cope with very adverse and challenging environmental conditions. Wind, snow, rain, fog, or sand has very little effect, and does not influence the AdvanceGuard's ability to detect any potential threats – in conditions where other technologies based on visual images would often fail. Also proven to meet the requirements of Eu Regulations (EC 300/2008)

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